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    Default Chidiya Ghar turns spooky with comedy

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    Enjoy the madness in Chidiya Ghar family as they laugh out loud with the spirits and also get scared..

    Garima Productions, Chidiya Ghar on SAB TV is currently showing a tantrik (Godman) trying to help the Chidya Ghar family to get rid of the spirits. The tantrik is helping the family remove the negativity coming in from the spirits with the best remedies but all the efforts remain futile.

    Our source says, "The upcoming episodes will have a concrete conclusion to where the track of the story related to the spirits is leading to. The Chidiya Ghar family will realize their fault and will start loving each other and the spirits too. The family members will also start liking the spirits and bond with them.

    In between the episodes, we will have many spooky and horror scenes and the spirits will enter everyone's body and create chaos in the family. At the end Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) will apologize to the Pandit who has come to conduct the pooja that it was his mistake. He reveals that he had committed a sin and his family shouldn't be punished for his wrong deeds."

    When contacted the actors they remained unavailable for comment as they were busy shooting for the episode.



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