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    Default Chidiya Ghar shoots a ghost sequence, Paresh Ganatra gets spooked

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    Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) presented a ghost sequence last year when three apparitions harassed and annoyed the family members.

    This time too, a spooky tale will be doled out wherein family members will be troubled by the ghost of a gangster, Mohan, who will be living amongst them as a paying guest.

    The ghost will misbehave with the kids and break their toys too.

    While we wait and watch how the members of Chidiya Ghar will get rid of the ghost, the cast and crew had a hearty time shooting for the track as tables turned on Paresh Ganatra (Ghotak). Paresh, the man who usually plays pranks on the sets, was taken for a trip by his cast members.

    As a ghost sequence was being shot on the sets, some of the crew members tricked Paresh into believing that a ghost sighting had happened some years back in the nearby area. Paresh did not believe them initially, but when all the crew members kept discussing the same thing, it scared Paresh out of his skin. The crew members then revealed to him that they had tricked him to get even and all of them had a hearty laugh.

    Paresh said, I was completely scared when the crew members started talking about ghost sightings which had happened a few years back in the nearby vicinity. The crew members pulled off their trick successfully by convincing me about the sightings. I even told the production team to shoot at daytime instead of night as I was truly frightened. It was funny that I was so easily fooled into believing them.

    Nice fun, we say!!!



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