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    Default Chidiya Ghar to fight against corruption

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    Drama...drama...drama in SAB TVís Chidiya Ghar. This rib-tickler produced by Garima Productions is up for a major twist in the upcoming episodes.
    Viewers have already seen that Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) has been put behind the bars by a corrupt politician. The politician has accused Babuji of being corrupt and taking bribe. But the truth is that Babuji is innocent and when he will try to reveal everything to the cops, they will not heed at all.

    Then Babuji will decide to do satyagraha (fasting) and his entire family will support him. Furthermore, the media will also support Babujiís movement.

    In the long run, Babuji will finally get out of the jail.

    When contacted Sumit Arora aka Gaumukh Narayan regarding the track he said, ďYes in the show we are fighting against corruption.Ē



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