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    Default Chidiya Ghar buas in a battle of tradition v/s modern

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    Chidiya Ghar is the story of a fun-loving family comprising of different members with their own uncanny & funny mannerisms.

    In the ongoing track, Chidiya Ghar will play host to two more family members Billo Bua (played by Bharati Achrekar) & Chamunda Bua (played by Sulbha Arya). The show takes an interesting turn as both the Buas are different from each other like chalk and cheese. Chamunda Bua is a bit eccentric and orthodox in her behavior which Billo Bua is fashionable and style-conscious which results in laughable scuffles.

    Bharati Achrekar aka Billo Bua said, I have been a part of the Chidiya Ghar family earlier and working with all these actors again is truly fantastic. Its a wonderful experience to enact the role of an old lady who is modern in her outlook and fashionable as well. The character of Billo Bua has different shades which gives it a different flavor. Also the comical altercations with Sulbha Arya are hilarious.

    Sulbha Arya aka Chamunda Bua said, I play the role of Chamunda Bua who is a typical elder with a short temper and a firm faith in her own set of values. She is a traditional lady and wants everyone in the house to act in a peculiar way. In the past, I have played similar roles but this time there is a funny twist to my role which makes it different.

    Watch Chidiya Ghar to witness the side-splitting & mirthful battle of the Buas.



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