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    Default I am glad that the audience is accepting me as Koyal in Chidiya Ghar - Shubhangi Atre Poorey

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    Shubhangi Atre Poorey who replaced Shilpa Shinde in the popular SABTV show Chidiya Ghar is happy that the audiences have accepted her as Koyal.

    “My biggest fear when I signed this Garima Productions project was that will I be able to enter into Shilpa’s shoes? She is a great actress. Also the other main thing was that show has been already running successfully for one and a half year, so would I be able to fit in the groove?”

    She goes on, “I made it very clear to the creative from day one that I will do the character in my own way and what also worked in my favour was the fact that as I had not seen the show before, I did not have any preconceived notions as well. I am glad that the public like my work. Recently I went to a mall and some people came forward and asked you are Koyal right? I felt content that my work is getting recognized.”

    Shubhangi, who has earlier done shows like Kasturi and Do Hanson Ka Jodaa, amongst others further says, “I never like to replace anybody. Whatever issues Shilpa had I don’t want to comment on them. But as they say the show must go and that is what I am doing.”

    She is also full of praise for the Chidiya Ghar unit, “They all are very cooperative and helpful.” We had heard that Shilpa had some issues with co star Debina Bonnerjee, “No she is very friendly and warm. In fact, we spend most of our time together as we share the make-up room. If in the future some problems do arise, I will try to sort them out as I believe in having a positive atmosphere on the set and not making things ugly.”

    In closing, Shubhangi adds that despite her fear of being accepted, she always had a gut feeling that this show will work out for her.

    “In fact, besides Chidiya Ghar I had one more fresh show on offer as well. But I chose the former for I liked the script. I just prayed to God and took the plunge. I am glad I took the decision for the numbers have risen even during the IPL (Indian Premiere League). I always wanted to do a comedy show for I have tried other genres already and this was left in my bucket list.”

    A successful show is also important for Shubhangi’s career for her last appearance Havan (Colors) had not really rocked the TRP charts.



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