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    Default Prem Kamath talks about Channel V's revamp strategy bringing a positive response

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    When Channel V revamped itself with four shows, many thought it was a wrong move to have included three bi-weeklies in the schedule. But proving all of it wrong, today the channel has really done well with the shows being appreciated and a rise in market share too.

    As we chatted with Prem Kamath, GM and EVP, Channel V at the V Nokia IndiaFest, he shared how well this move has been for them. “We are the first channel to have tried bi-weeklies and thankfully we’ve struck gold with some really positive response from the audience. The shows Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Productions), Confessions of an Indian Teenager (Balaji Telefilms), Paanch- 5 Wrongs Make A Right and It’s Complicated (Sunshine Productions) have opened to tremendous response.”

    So what according to him really worked to their advantage? “Well firstly, I think the nature of the story and with everyone of them very different from each, really got the audience attracted. And with real topics that are so close to the youth, I think that gave the shows an upper hand. Sadda Haq is the number one show on the channel and is bringing extremely good numbers.”

    “Also the ratings have really swung well and we are noticing the changes. Channel V has always believed in giving the viewers what they like and the concept of ‘Correct hai’ stands for the same. These shows have been a breakthrough move and now we will take the standards to much greater heights,” averred the man.

    But out of the four, only two shows have managed to do well. Shedding more light into this, Prem said, “See when you launch four shows you know not all of them will do that well, but the two shows Sadda Haq and Paanch have been doing extremely well and that takes away the low points. Since the shows have a fixed script we cannot do much about changing the concept, but we are definitely trying to add some more spunk to them.”

    And what about the current shows, any plans of revamping them? “They are working just fine but ofcourse we always bring up new subjects in the shows to up the interest level. And as Dil Dostii Dance has recently being refreshed with a new creative team, we are trying to work out things for the other shows too. But for now all shows will definitely carry on,” signed off Prem.

    We wish the channel great success.



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