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    Default 'V Correct Hai', because what feels so right cant be wrong

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    Channel V to launch its new brand identity, four exciting shows on 25th Nov’13…

    After establishing itself as the country's number one youth General Entertainment Channel (GEC), Channel V is all set to get a refreshed identity- a new logo to go with its new tagline- 'V Correct Hai', underlying the inherent brand thought, "what feels so right, can't be wrong".

    This brand refresh will also see the launch of four exciting new shows that embody this thought, as the Channel continues its focus on the youth of the country.

    The four new shows that start on 25th Nov'13 are - Sadda Haq, Confessions of an Indian Teenager, Paanch - Don't Get Mad, Get Even and Relationship status-It's complicated. In line with the Channel's extensive research and going by the changing taste of its youth target audience , these new shows will not be long winding ones but shorter season-based.

    What's more, some of the shows will be bi-weeklies. "Our in depth understanding of this target audience throws a lot of light on their viewing habits, their experimenting nature and entertainment choices available to them. Hence there is no reason why some kind of disruptive attempt at scheduling should not work", explains Prem Kamath - GM & Channel Head.

    Sadda Haq, is about a young Delhi girl Sanyukta, who challenges the patriarchal world around her and breaks all the stereotypes. Despite hailing from a very conservative family, she makes her way to a premier engineering college and thus begins her journey in the challenging all-boys world, where less than 10 per cent of the students are girls. Tune in time: Monday to Friday 6:30PM

    Confessions of an Indian Teenager, is about a young boy Vaibhav, who takes the viewers on a journey to meet teenagers and share their dilemmas that result from the peer pressure in this first life stage' of growing up. Tune in time: Monday & Tuesday 6PM

    Paanch - Don't get Mad, Get Even, is about the shy 18-year old Roshni, who enters a college in Mumbai to 'right some wrongs'. To avenge a deep wound from the past, she transforms herself into someone she isn't: unforgiving and brutal. Tune in time: Wed & Thurs 6PM

    And finally, Relationship status-It's complicated is about three boys and three girls who land into each other's life when they become next door neighbors. Once their initial euphoria settles, they discover that there is a lot more to their relationship that needs to be understood. Tune in time: Fri & Sat 6PM
    Apart from the above, Channel V's current flagship shows- Gumrah (Sunday 7PM), Dil Dostii Dance D3 (Mon to Fri 7PM) and The Buddy Project Season 2 - Now in College (Mon to Fri 5:30PM) will continue under the new brand identity.

    "All 4 shows belong to 4 different genres (Drama, Comedy, Thriller and Reality). This is an attempt to attract youth at large, which is a highly fragmented set of audience, through fresh and differentiated content by addressing issues pertaining to their life stage. 'Correct hai' is the first brand campaign after Bloody cool' that was done in 2009", adds Prem Kamath.



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