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    Default After Delhi, Chandragupta Maurya fans to hold rallies in Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai

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    Chandragupta Maurya went off-air on 12 April 2012 with the sudden closure of Imagine TV. But since then there has been a strong buzz that the show will make a comeback on Sony Entertainment Television. And guess what? Hopes and aspirations of the series’ ardent fans are very much alive.

    Now, it’s a known fact that the lead, Ashish Kapoor, has moved on and signed Zee TV’s Rab Se Sona Ishq. However, other actors associated with Maurya are pretty much optimistic about the show resurfacing. It includes Manish Wadhwa, who played Chanakya and went on to win the Best Actor (Jury) Awards at the Eleventh Indian Telly Awards for his spirited performance.

    Fans of the serial are super excited and are hell-bent on getting it back on television. And to further strengthen their pleas, they have now decided to conduct rallies. The first gathering was held on 15 July (2012) in Delhi and now rallied will be held in different states, including Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai.

    We got in touch with Udit Rajpara, who is heading these rallies all around India, and he said, “We have received a NOC from Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai. Hence the gatherings in these cities will be held on 22 July in Kolkata and on 28 July in Bangalore and Mumbai.”

    Talking about the Delhi rally, he stated, “It was a success as we had around 45 people there. However, we are expecting more people in the future. We felt there was this need to do something more than just making phone calls to the channels and the production house as we weren’t getting any help.”

    So till how long will they continue with the rallies? “We will continue with these till we do not get an answer from the authorities.”

    Furthermore, we asked them if they are conducting gatherings just for the sake of it or are genuinely an attempt to get the show back on air. “We just want CGM back.”

    As reported earlier Sony is more than happy to have the show on their channel but they haven’t received an NOC from Turner group yet.

    We wish the fans all the luck!!!



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