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    Default Will Chandragupta Maurya return on tube, courtesy its loyal fans?

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    The Sagar Arts and 72 Degrees Northe show on Imagine, Chandragupta Maurya (CGM), has already created history for the extent of outrage created by its fans to get the show back. For all those who have been out of “small screen” action lately, here’s a little brief. Maurya went off air abruptly after Imagine TV (the channel where it was being aired) shut down out of the blue on 13 April 2012. Now, coming back to fans’ campaign to get the show back, in just a week’s time, more than 75,000 of them have joined the ‘Save Chandragupta Maurya’ group on a social networking site and we have learned that their cries and pleas have already been heard by major channels.

    A reliable source informed us that the producers of Chandragupta Maurya are already doing the running around to revive their show. And the best part is that few major channels have also made note of the huge fan following tagged with Chandragupta Maurya and are ready to pitch for it. Even the actors involved are keeping their fingers crossed, and are ready to play the waiting game as their hopes of being part of the show are high all over again.

    Of course, the loyal fans are doing their level best to get what they want. We hear that the active members of this ‘Save Chandragupta Maurya’ group have in fact contacted the major channels with this plea of theirs. While few fans have taken to ‘Geeta Paath’ to get their show back, one such ardent follower has shaven off his head to show his loyalty towards the serial. Also plans of holding rallies in major cities are on.

    When contacted Manish Wadhwa aka Chanakya, he said, “Yes, talks are surely on to get Chandragupta Maurya back. I am also eagerly waiting for it to happen. I am not taking any other show at this moment. We have the prayers of the fans with us, and are hopeful”.

    Ashish Sharma aka Chandragupta Maurya also expressed his optimism stating, “I know it’s a long process but talks are surely on. I think we deserve a comeback and at least get a chance to complete the story.” When asked about the reports of him signing up for Jay Mehta’s next on Zee TV, he replied, “I have lot of offers coming my way, but I have not signed anything till now. I am waiting for CGM to happen”.

    We also called up producer Nilanjana Purkayasstha to get her views and she shared, “Yes, efforts are on to get CGM back. We hope to see it happen and are overwhelmed by the fans’ reactions”.

    Well, let’s see what’s in store for Maurya fans in the future. Will it return or not? Only time will tell. Till then, enjoy reading juicy stories on dR.

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    Please also the Tv serial "BANDINI" SHOLD come back to run again will be grat pleasure. Thanks.



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