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    Default Ashish Sharma justifies his decision to quit Chandragupta Maurya

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    Imagine TV shut abruptly, so did all its shows. Now, there is one serial, namely, Chandragupta Maurya, which created a lot of buzz since it went off air. There is a strong lead that the show will come back on Sony Entertainment Television. But a mere humdrum snowballed into a huge uproar with the news of the serialís lead, Ashish Sharma aka Chandragupta Maurya, moving on and taking up Jay Mehta's next on Zee TV. But in a conversation with us, Ashish shared that "anyways his contract with the makers (Sagar Arts and 72 Degree Northe) would have come to an end."

    "If the show would have continued, I would have hoped that it ended by my contract period so that I could chase my dream of producing short films,"said Ashish.

    However, he refuses to state that the ending was blessing a disguise. "It was unfortunate that the show shut down. We were all working towards the part where Chandragupta would become the king."

    He further justified his decision to quit the historical saga. "I am not sure if the show will come on another channel or not. Even if it does, it will not start before July and by then my contract would be over. I canít continue for I have my above commitments which will get delayed by a year and a half and that is something which I canít afford. I agree professional decisions are harsh to take but yet you need to go ahead with them,"ended Ashish.

    Hope Ashish will manage to weave magic again with his new show!!!



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