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    Default Ashoka is there in everyone's mind - Abhimanyu Singh

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    Producer Abhimanyu Singh speaks about the much hyped show historical show, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat in detail with us.

    As one of the much touted historical show, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat under the banner of Contiloe Entertainment is all set to kick off, we speak to the captain of the ship, Abhimanyu Singh to know about the origination of the show, the recent controversy which caught the attention of the media and more...
    Here Abhimanyu

    How did you think of bringing the concept of Ashoka on Colors?

    Ashoka is there in everyone's mind because when you see a coin you see the Ashoka Chakra and you see the emblem of India which is Ashoka the lion.

    So Ashoka is everywhere whether it's in your history book, whether it's in your day to day routine, its in our Indian flag too known as Ashoka Chakra.

    I have produced shows on freedom fighters like Shivaji, Jhansi Ki Rani and more but the nation which saw freedom fighters sacrificing their lives, was created by Ashoka. So it is a subject of reverence and something owed to give to somebody like Ashoka.

    Do you think that this will be the best historical show till date?

    Well like every cricketer intend to play the best in the inning, so as the maker, we go with the intend to make the best show. So I think it's an endeavor to make it as the best show.

    How much time did you put in to research for the show?

    We started the research from last to last October. So we have put a year for the research process and we started per-production work started in September 2014 and then we started shooting in September.

    Coming to the controversy that created a stir in the media, it stated that Swastik Production was also producing a show based on King Ashoka on Star Plus and suddenly the promos were unleashed on the Colors under the banner of Contiloe. So what do you have to say about it?

    I think when you do a public domain property everyone has a freedom to do it and this is not happening for the first time. So may be today if I am thinking of some concept and the other person is also thinking to make a show on the same concept and may be they release their promo before I do. So this is business gamble that you have to live with.



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