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    Default "I want everyone to call me Sadhil rather than Ganesha or Captain Tiao" : Sadhil Kapoor

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    Child artist Sadhil Kapoor who was well known for portraying the young mythological character Ganesha, has taken a step further and is now seen as a host of the show Captian Tiao.

    Young star Sadhil Kapoor who gained immense popularity after portraying young Ganesha in Life OK's popular show Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev is now seen as Captain Tiao who asks celebs jumbling questions in the show.

    We spoke to Sadhil to know more about Captain Tiao his experience so far, his friends reactions and much more.

    How does it feel to be Captain Tiao?

    Its feeling nice to be Captain Tiao and I always wanted to work with Disney Channel and now they have made me a host of their show. They are also making a YouTube channel for me and I am very happy for this.

    What do you feel the best about Captain Taio?

    The best part of Captain Tiao is that he is very quick at asking questions.

    Does Sadhil also questions a lot to everyone just like Captain Tiao?

    Yes, I keep on asking questions to everyone in real life too.

    You have given so many interviews to the media as Sadhil and now taking interviews as Captain Tiao. So, what do you enjoy the most, taking interviews or giving interviews?

    I keep on interviewing celebs in my show. I like taking interviews the most but I like giving too. I like taking interviews because sometimes they don't know the answers to my questions but I know the answer very well.

    Are your friends following your show? How is their reaction?

    Yes, they are following my show regularly. They are very excited and happy for me.

    Your friends used to call you Ganesha while you were doing Mahadev, so what are they calling you now?

    When I used to play Ganesha, then my friends used to call me Ganesha and now they call me Captain Taio.

    What do you like them to call you; Ganesha or Captain Tiao?

    I just want my friends to call me Sadhil rather than Ganesha or Captain Tiao as when my friends call me Ganesha, I feel as I am the God but I am not God as bhagwan toh upar hain.

    Do you get nervous while interviewing the celebs? What kind of preparations you do before your shoot?

    No, I don't get nervous. They give me a script having 15-20 set of questions. I just read the topic of the script and ask questions in my own words. Yes, I also frame questions on my own when they answer to my questions.

    We wish this little kid Sadhil all the best for his show Captain Tiao!



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