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    Default [MULTI] Sucker Punch [FR] [TS]

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    Origine du film U.S.A.
    Director Zack Snyder
    Players Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung
    Genre Fantasy, Action, Thriller
    Time 1h50min
    Release Date March 30, 2011
    Production Year 2011
    Original Title Sucker Punch

    Close your eyes. Free your mind. Nothing prepares you for what will suivre.Bienvenue in the overflowing imagination of a young girl whose dreams are the only escape from his nightmarish life 'beyond the constraints of time and space, it is free go where your imagination leads, to blur the line between reality and fantasme'Enfermée against his will, babydoll always want to fight to regain his freedom. Combative, she pushes the other four girls, the timid Sweet Pea, Rocket the loudmouth, Blondie's smart, loyal and Amber 'to unite to escape their fearsome captors, Blue and Mrs. Gorski, before the mysterious High Roller not come to take their head Babydoll.Avec babydoll, girls go to war against fantastical creatures, samurai and snakes through a virtual arsenal and using a Sage. But this is the only way they can 'maybe' regain freedom

    Quality ts
    Format Avi
    Language French
    Cut with None
    File Sizes 1 x 1130Mo
    Total Size 1130Mo




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