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    Default New Year Special in CID

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    Catch the interesting episode in Sony TV’s CID as the team will find out the mystery in the Haweli…

    Sony Entertainment Television's CID is back with yet another interesting case for its viewers. The upcoming episode of CID will be a New Year Special. The team receives an invitation to be guest of 'honor' at a charity event being held at a haweli, for the New Year's Eve.

    The team arrives at the Haweli along with 10 more couples. The party takes off with a masked host telling the cops and other guests that they will play murder-victim game, and then, the kids will come to meet them.

    However, a guest gets killed for real and the mysterious masked guest goes missing! As the CID try to calm the guests and investigate the murde, they realize that they are trapped in this haweli with the whole boundary and main gates wired with killer electric current. The killer is also sending threat notes asking the guests to kill each-other if they want to see their loved ones live.

    More problems mount for CID as Dr.Tarika is asked to kill Dr.Salunkhe so that Abhijit can live. Freddy and Nikhil come under the effect of some drug fog and become enemies of their own team. In the middle of it, DCP Chittrole promises to get help as soon as he can. But until then, things seem to be spiraling out of hand as Abhijit goes missing, guests try to kill each-other and the masked villain seems to have an edge on this house arrest.

    How will CID escape from this threat? Will it be able to find out the murder?



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