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    Default Sony TV's CID team to solve a case of a haunted killer taxi

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    The popular crime show CID (Fireworks Productions) on Sony Entertainment Television has been showcasing some very interesting and mysterious tales. And now in the upcoming episode, viewers will get to see a supernatural tale.

    The CID team will get information of people disappearing and dying mysteriously on a particular stretch of road. The locals will report about sighting of a haunted taxi which they would believe to be the cause of the deaths.

    This supernatural challenge will be thrown upon the team who will be left clueless on solving this mysterious case. The cops will be in a race against time to find the answers and to save lives before the strange ghost taxi would strike again.

    Will the CID team manage to find the truth behind these strange killings? Is there something graver in this case?

    Watch the case unfold tomorrow on the show.



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