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    Default Shivaji Satam to revoke his decision of quitting CID... or not?

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    Speculative reports flashed in the media about Shivaji Satam calling it quits and ending his 15 year long association with Sony Entertainment Television’s CID (Fireworks Productions).

    Furthermore, the same media portal that flashed the “quitting” news went on to publish another article wherein Shivaji went on records to state that “he is not moving on from CID and is very much a part of the project”.

    But all conjectures came to rest yesterday when Business Head of Sony Entertainment Television, Sneha Rajani went on to tweet, “#CID time..Maybe the last few eps before Shivaji Satam retires..Hope he changes his mind..CID will not be the same without #ACPPradyuman (sic).”

    The tweet clearly states the fact that Shivaj has made his mind to quit the crime based series.

    But can anyone imagine CID running successfully without “the” ACP Pradhyuman being a part of it? Sounds difficult…one must agree.

    So what really went wrong which forced Shivaji to take such a sudden decision?

    On probing, our sources suggested that “some serious misunderstanding and creative differences” occurred with the creative team while the show’s producer B P Singh was away busy setting up his CID Bangla venture in Kolkata.

    And one thing is for sure…Shivaji’s pronouncement came as a shocker to everyone.

    “We were not aware of it. The decision was sudden. But we are trying to talk it out. I hope he revokes his decision and continues to be a part of CID. No one can ever replace Shivaji as ACP Pradhyuman. Let’s see what happens finally. But CID will never be the same without him,” shared a visibly worried B P Singh who is currently in Kolkata but rushing back to Mumbai to sort out things.

    We also tried getting in touch with Shivaji but he chose not to opinionate.

    Let’s see what ultimately unfolds…



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