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    Default Shavez Khan and Sparsh Khanchandani roped in, Daya to shoot Abhijeet in CID

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    Sony Entertainment Television’s CID (Fireworks Productions) will present some excellent drama.

    This episode will be a sequel to an episode written three years back featuring Sparsh Khanchandani as Shreya. Shreya’s mother was murdered back in time.

    The upcoming drama will showcase Shavez Khan as a journalist, Sam, trying to get breaking news which can help him get promoted at a higher post.

    This time, Shreya will witness her uncle being kidnapped. To follow up with the case Daya (Dayanand Shetty) would want to take the kid in remand and enquire about details. However Abhijeet (Aditya Shrivastava) would oppose quizzing a kid and would help her escape from the location of crime.

    In the bargain, Daya would end up shooting Abhijeet and this will result into Abhijeet arresting Daya!

    That sounds extremely exciting!!!

    So will Sam get promoted? Will Daya be bailed out by Abhijeet?

    All our attempts to reach Dayanand Shetty and Aditya Shrivastava went in vain.

    We contacted Shavez who informed us, “It is always fun to shoot with the team at Fireworks Productions. I cannot reveal the story but I can promise it will be gripping.”

    Added Sparsh, “It was great shooting with the cast of CID after a span of three years. I believe this episode was written specially for me and I feel gratified by the gesture. With regards to the storyline, I cannot give out any details.”

    We excitedly wait for the thrilling episode to unfold on 30 May!!!



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