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    Default Inspector Rajat's sister to be accused of murder in Sony TV's CID

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    The longest running show on TV, CID (Fireworks Production) on Sony Entertainment Television has always come up with innovative ideas when it comes to keeping audiences glued to their shows with interesting new cases.

    In the upcoming episode, a dead body will be found in the woods covered with wounds that will look like it had been attacked by wild animals. With the CID team being called to the spot, they will start their investigation.

    And soon different from the initial speculations, Inspector Salunkhe (Narendra Gupta) will discover that the victim was actually murdered brutally and not attacked by animals. The CID team will go ahead and examine the found DNA and other evidence from the crime scene which will lead them to a woman named Geeta.

    A source added, ďThe woman will be the murdered victimís estranged wife, and she will be held as the suspected killer. But in a twist, Geeta will also turn out as Inspector Rajatís (Vikas Kumar) Ďmuh boli behaní.Ē

    On one hand all the evidences will point towards her being the murderer, but Inspector Rajat will be at his defensive best supporting his sister. The altercation will also lead to a war of words between him and ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam).

    So is Geeta really the killer or is someone trying to frame her. And if she's innocent will Rajat be able to save his sister?

    To know this and more tune into CIDís special Raksha Bandhan episode this Sunday (18 August) at 10pm.



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