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    Default Forensic special upcoming on C.I.D

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    One crucial aspect which sets Sony TVís C.I.D (Fireworks Productions) apart from any other crime show on TV is its extensive focus on forensics. Soon you will be seeing a forensic special on the show.

    One of the episodes is on plasmotomy (a form of mitosis in multinuclear protozoan cells in which the cytoplasm divides into two or more masses, later reproducing, in some cases by sporulation). This in turn will be linked to embalming (the art and science of temporarily preserving human remains) on the show.

    In another episode the cops are baffled to find 25 types of DNAs in the soil. The ground is strewn with skeleton pieces from various corpses. The sleuths need to find out who the 25 people who have been killed are.

    Keep watching this space for updates on this show.



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