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    The crime realm has become more outrageous with the sin rate increasing with every second in the real world; however the reel plot of the television acting arena has a different story altogether as ACP Pradhyuman seems to have everything under control with his distinctive detective skills and inference. Well, Shivaji Satam who plays ACP Pradhyuman on India’s most favored crime series CID on Sony Entertainment Television gets into a conversation with us.

    Talking about his acting journey, Satam narrates, “I wouldn’t want to owe my success to anyone, may be not even myself. I think the opportunities that came my way eventuated at the right place and at the right time.”

    So was it luck, hard work or influence that has brought him to where he is today? “My journey from shows to successful movies has been prodigious. I guess it’s always been fate and the tough grind as I had mentioned earlier. I find it irresistible to accept challenges and work towards them with all my might and valor.”

    If good fortune doesn’t play in your favor one needs to find another step to attainment in order to set up a noteworthy future. Shivaji Satam asserts that acting was a hidden agenda that sprung to better his life. “Acting was latent in me, it was this flair which was buried somewhere deep within me. I used to work in a bank before and there was this inter-bank acting competition that I had participated in; I was rewarded for my inflexible work during the uphill competition. From there my journey began and I have thus evolved as a successful actor.”

    Are the detective instincts exhibited in real life too? “No, physically I am not ACP Pradhyuman (laughs). But I am as responsible as the onscreen Pradhyuman. I am a stern person and I do possess all the qualities of the character, one of which being smartness and being alert at all times.”

    Shivaji Satam has a prospective nature and insight. “Frankly speaking I never thought that CID would reach out to such an extensive scale as it does now. It is a concoction of hard work, dedication and true spirit that made us work as a team and brought the crime series to the fore front of all other shows. Although I wouldn’t say it is one of the best.”

    With heaps of experience, Shivaji Satam surely knows how to describe an admirable actor. “Above all an actor needs to be a good human being and should also possess sound communication skills around people with a view of putting across their message clearly and distinctly. It is also very important for him/her to step into a versatile actor’s shoes without being hesitant. If an actor inculcates all these qualities, then nothing could stop him/her from excelling with utter triumph and affluence. And last but not the least, they must, most significantly look at life with a different perspective to understand the character which is offered to them.”

    And the on-screen ACP speaks about the escalation of crime rates in Mumbai, “I think the biggest problem that Mumbai suffers is that it is prone to many unwanted and unruly crimes. One reason being, it has less police force which secures many ordinary masses. There are hardly 60 personnel guarding the home ministry. And as far as mishaps are concerned I think the people of Mumbai should start playing smart in terms of safety and security.”

    Dayanand Shetty who is seen playing inspector Daya on CID has made his way in Rohit Shetty’s Singham Returns and will be seen playing the role of an inspector. “The entire team of CID was very amused when we had heard about him making it big in Bollywood and we have already wished him luck.”

    There are lot of insecurities that one needs to succumb to, more than success. Satam shed some light on the insecurities that he faced as an actor in the initial stages of his acting phase. “Yes, I did face insecurities, out of which twice they were at a very emotional and crucial stage of my life. It was back then when I was offered a role wherein my reel wife had given birth to a still born child and I was at a stage where I could actually relate it to my personal and past happenings. The second phase that I had faced was when I was again offered a role I disliked and it was the first time I was reluctant to accept the role as I had to play a pedophile for a play. Sometimes even though it is difficult to take decisions I feel my out spoken personality makes it easier to judge the situation.”

    If not acting he would have wanted to sing. “I always wanted to sing despite the fact that I am not a trained singer.”

    And what about dream roles, does the esteemed actor have any? “No I don’t have any dream roles in mind as I have already told you that an actor should be versatile. So I just want to take on challenges as and when it heads my way. I will accept whatever the role may be and work with dedication towards making the character what it needs to look like.”

    For those who think Shivaji Satam’s appearance must have bagged him the role, are mistaken. “No, it’s not at all true. At least I don’t have the same mindset. It is the talent irrespective of the role and the character that matters most. Thus the appearance stands no chance even closer to both of these. Who says that I suit more to the character of an inspector? I have played distinctive roles ranging from theatre to shows and films on the whole.”

    The unique concepts of CID are in turn a challenge to the actors when it comes to delivering their best. “Yes the fact that every episode of CID is unique is what makes it different from other shows. Acting is not a challenge, you either have it or you don’t. There isn’t any success mantra as such, but I do follow the philosophy of things falling in its own place in due course of time and this is something that keeps me going.”

    Balancing one’s personal and professional life is an art, but Satam seems to have no predicament. “Firstly I have no problem balancing my personal and professional life. I have ample time that I utilize to spend with my family only. I have another addition to my family, my loving grandson who is a year old now. He makes my day and even a hectic day does not seem to be tiring at all.”

    And lastly, Shivaji has this to say to his well wishers and mind you not to his fans. “I wouldn’t want to call them as my fans but my dear well wishers. I’d just want to thank them for their unfailing and ceaseless love. And also do keep watching and enjoying CID.”

    Well said, Shivaji Satam.



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