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    Default CID Team VS The Mysterious Magicians

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    CID has never failed to surprise its audience by showcasing cases which are full of twists and turns. This week once again CID team is all ready to shock its audience with their case.

    The story centers on a set of mysterious magicians who come in strange and colorful disguises to a posh party to mesmerize the guests with their work. They do a body-floating magic trick on a guest by the name of Pritam.

    All seems to be going well when suddenly the party comes to an end. Pritam returns dead from the sky and the magicians too go missing. Parallel to this, a man is found dead in the warehouse and the investigation by the CID team links it to the magician.

    The CID team gets in a full fledged investigation to solve this trail of the mystery magicians and their motive behind selective killing.

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    Default best show

    my son loves this show a lot



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