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    Default CID team to solve the case of a mysterious murder

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    An interesting episode is coming up in Sony TVís CID for the viewers as the CID team will solve the case of a mentally guy who is suspected to be the killer. Read on to know more the entire storyÖ

    Sony Entertainment Television's longest running show CID will be facing yet another mysterious murder to be solved. The episode starts with ACP Pradyuman and Dr.Salunkhe coming across a man in blood stained clothes at a lake. The man seems abnormal and in a disturbed mental state when asked about the blood. He collapses and is rushed to the hospital.

    At the same time, it is found that a mass murder of a family has happened and the killer is suspected to be none other than the boy ACP and Dr.Salunkhe took to the hospital - his name is Nakul and he appears to be mentally ill.

    All the clues are against him and ACP seems to be favoring him. DCP Chittrole and CID team is taken aback by ACP's kindness to an alleged killer just because his name is Nakul and has even taken him home! ACP is also accused of stealing evidence from the crime scene to save him. Everyone is against ACP but there are also doubts that Nakul may not be the killer.

    How will ACP prove his innocence? How will CID solve this mysterious case?



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