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    Default CID to solve the case of a Haunted House!

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    Television's most iconic show CID has been entertaining the audience for many years now and just like many of its exciting episodes the upcoming one too has something out-of-the-box to offer to its fans.

    This Friday, the CID team will be seen investigating a case of three mysterious murders in a house. A 16 year old girl starts working as a maid with a married couple. However, one day she is disturbed when she hears the noise of rattling chains from the terrace. When she tries to enquire, she is shrugged off by the wife. Soon she sees the wife secretly taking some bowls to the terrace. Curious, the maid follows her but is shocked to see the woman coming down with scratches on her face.

    Next thing she knows, the husband too is thrown from the terrace landing dead on the ground. Soon the CID team reaches there to investigate but the cops are in for a shock when they see the entire house empty as the maid too is missing now. Who is responsible for these mysterious deaths? What secret does the house hold?



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