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    Default Why CID Is The Longest Running Show On TV

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    It might not be the cleverest of shows on television right now, but Sony Entertainment's CID is one of the most popular shows ever. With a record-breaking run of over a decade and a half, the crime saga is still going steady. We find out why this mediocre offering has become a household name...take a look.

    Caters to all age groups:

    It's a show that's enjoyed by all age groups, because of the format of the show. Since everybody in a family can sit together and watch the show, it's popularity is unparalleled. The small screen definitely lacks shows that can be watched by every single member of the family, so this is a nice change. Kudos to the team for tapping into this potential and exploring it year after year.

    Connecting with the plots:

    As viewers, you can definitely connect with the plots. They are so Indian, middle-class or filthy rich and sometimes so real that you can almost feel it happening to yourself. None of the western shows can boast of this kind of pull and appeal, can they? In fact, we love the show for all its flaws and loopholes too. It kind of makes us feel super smart, eh?

    Catchy dialogues:

    From ACP Pradyuman's logical explanations to the famous 'Daya, Darwaza Todo', the show has some really catchy dialogues. Even somebody who hasn't religiously followed the shows knows of these lines. It's also largely thanks to the number of memes and Facebook pages dedicated to the CID team.

    Good over evil phenomenon:

    We are suckers for the good over evil phenomenon. We want the bad guys punished and the good guys to get closure/relief. This show offers plenty of both. We watch in the hope that the culprits will eventually go to jail for their deeds. It's a reality check for us. And we love that.

    Is there any other reason that keeps you hooked on to this show? Do let us know now!



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