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    Default Two CID officers accused of crime on Sony TV’s CID

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    CID (Fireworks Productions), the longest running show on Sony Entertainment Television is back with two very interesting cases. And this time to heat up the investigations, two officers from the CID team will be at the other end as culprits of heinous crimes.

    As per our source, in 6 September's episode, CID officer Shreya’s (Janvi Chheda) friend, Divya will approach her saying that her family has been killed. Divya, who has seen the killer, informs the CID team that the killer had a tattoo. Initial investigation by the cops will help them zero upon one of their (the girls) common friend Varun.

    “When the cops search Varun’s home, they will be shocked to find Shreya’s fingerprints there. When confronted, Shreya will admit that she murdered Divya’s family for revenge as she had ruined her love life in college. She will then flee from there,” adds the source.

    Daya (Dayanand Shetty) will stand against this confession and the CID team will try to find out who the real culprit is as they won’t believe Shreya to be the murderer.

    After Shreya, it will be officer Nikhil’s (Abhay Shukla) turn. Nikhil will need immediate money for his mother’s operation. Though the CID team contributes, he will still be short of money that he needs to pay off the hospital bills. Here, he will desperately announce that he is ready to do anything for money.

    Soon an accident takes place and incidentally, it will happen in the presence of Nikhil. He will take the man to hospital and it will be found out that a sum of Rs 50 lakhs that the man was carrying with him is missing. Since Nikhil will be the person who brings in the dead body to the hospital, all fingers will point at him.

    “Strangely Nikhil will go missing after the incident and the CID team will find that the hospital bills have been paid off and the serial numbers of the missing rupees will match with that of those deposited in the hospital.”

    We tried contacting Janvi and Abhay but they could not be reached.

    Gear up to see how the CID team manages to keep their officers safe from all these allegations in this weekend episodes

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