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    Default Action, thrill and mystery galore in CID and CID Chote Heroes this weekend

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    Tonight (22 February 2013) on CID Chote Heroes CIDís funny man Freddy who is highly popular amongst child viewers decides to take the children of his neighbourhood to a picnic. This jovial cop likes kids more than the other CID cops do, which is why he was chosen by the creatives to be the one to take the kids out. However things donít turn out the way as planned as goons storm into the bus and take the kids as hostage. How the CID saves the kids from the clutches of the kidnappers is what tonightís episode is all about.

    Now on CID, tonight couples returning from a certain banquet hall are robbed on a highway. Couples from other banquet halls arenít killed. Strangely no bullet mark, knife wound or injury mark is found on anybody. The CID team to unravel the cause of death as well as who the murderers are.

    Chronicles of deaths are foretold on Saturdayís episode. Before being murdered the victims receive MMS videos on their mobile graphically etching out exactly how they are to be brutally murdered. The CID has to find out who the sender of these videos are and ascertain the connection between the videos and the victims who are being grotesquely murdered.

    On Sunday night a customer of a tea shop is murdered right outside the shop. However those at the tea shop claim that they havenít witnessed the murder at all. The CID team is to investigate how the crime fell on the blind spot of people right in the vicinity of the murder.



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