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    Default Vault of Horror (EC) 28 Issues PreCode Horror

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    Vault of Horror (EC) 28 Issues PreCode Horror
    Size: 405 MB

    Vault of Horror is one of the classic horror titles that vanished or were severely altered when the Comic Code Authority was created. The code would not even allow the word Horror in the title! Even though most of the issues here are from reprints, to the best of my knowledge they are the original unedited pre-code stories. If someone knows different pleas speak up, I'd appreciate knowing. Pre Code stuff could have Vampires, Mummies and Werewolves! Could be blood and gore!

    I had a request for some pre-code horror or crime comics. I may do more later, but for my requester and others interested, there are some other torrents that fit the bill. Check out omaham's torrents.;amp;seeded=2 You need to look at more than the title in some cases. Of special interest may be the 70 or so Adventures into the Unknown scattered among these torrents. I was going to put those up when I checked and found they were still in live torrents. Some of those are post code. I'm interested to read them someday and compare the before and after.

    Well anyway to my requester let me just say that I hope these satisfy your sad need for the kind of sick, twisted literature that almost destroyed America the Beautiful! Home of the Brave enough to tell others what to do, Land of the free from things that a minority think might harm other people's children, My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty to try and make others conform to your standards, instead of making their own foolish choices, of thee I sing Thank God for St Wertham! Without him I'd never have realised the true nature of the sick relationship of Batman and Robin!

    O beautiful, for comic books,
    that wertham sanitized,
    for freedom from the vampire's bite,
    where good guys never fail!
    America, America.......

    (to the tune of "America the Beautiful&quot

    Dedicated to Dr. Fredric Wertham.

    I am always adding new things, so check this account often.

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    Code: of Horror (EC) 28 Issues PreCode Horror
    Thank you's are appreciated!



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