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    Default Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation, 2nd Edition

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    Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation, 2nd Edition

    Alberto Menache, "Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation, 2nd Edition"
    Mo...n Ka....nn | 2010-12-29 | ISBN: 0123814960 | 276 pages | PDF | 6,9 MB

    The power of today's motion capture technology has taken animated characters and special effects to amazing new levels of reality. And with the release of blockbusters like Avatar and Tin-Tin, audiences continually expect more from each new release. To live up to these expectations, film and game makers, particularly technical animators and directors, need to be at the forefront of motion capture technology. In this extensively updated edition of Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation and Video Games, an industry insider explains the latest research developments in digital design and film, games, medicine, sports, and security engineering.

    This completely updated new edition tells the complete story of motion capture, including the current state-of-the-art technology, methodology, and the explosive growth of the motion capture industry. In-depth technical explanations pair text and code, to help you understand not only the fundamental tenets of motion capture, but also the reasons behind its successes and failures. This timely new edition is an essential resource for anyone producing realistic motion graphics.


    *Completely revised to include almost 40% new content with emphasis on RF and Facial Motion Capture Systems
    *Companion site with source code, motion capture data translator, and example files help you write conversion and motion data manipulation programs
    *Describes all the mathematical principles associated with motion capture and 3D character mechanics
    *Helps you budget by explaining the costs associated with individualized motion capture projects

    Alberto Menache is a pioneer in the field of motion capture technology. He founded one of the first motion capture companies, Three Space Imagery, Inc., that developed proprietary software for motion capture animation that is still widely used today. As Digital Effects Supervisor at Sony Pictures' Imageworks, he was a primary contributor to the visual effects productions of such blockbuster films as "Spiderman," "The Polar Express," and "Superman Returns." Menache is currently the CEO of Menache LLC, a company that develops wireless technologies for high-accuracy positioning measurement.

    "Modern motion capture has proven to be a groundbreaking tool in VFX, when used properly. The latest edition of Understanding Motion Capture will help make sure that you know how and when to use this technology... and perhaps more importantly, when not to use it!" -Scott Stokdyk, Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor



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