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    Default Undergraduate Math Textbooks for UC Berkeley (Spring 2012 Update)

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    Undergraduate Math Textbooks for UC Berkeley (Spring 2012 Update)
    English | PDF & DJVU | Collection | 283.56 Mb

    104-Elementary classical analysis 1e-Marsden.djvu 4.00 MB
    104-Real mathematical analysis-Pugh.djvu 5.43 MB
    110-Deblurring Images Matrices, Spectra, and Filtering-Hansen.pdf 15.94 MB
    113-Elements of Algebra-Stillwell.djvu 1.18 MB
    118-A first course in Wavelets with Fourier analysis 1e-Boggess,Narcowich.pdf 8.49 MB
    123-Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos 2e-Hirsh,Smale,Devaney.pdf 3.29 MB
    127-Biological Sequence Analysis-Durbin,Eddy,Mitchison.pdf 3.65 MB
    128-Introduction to numerical analysis 3e-Stoer,Bulirsch.pdf 3.39 MB
    130-Euclids Elements of Geometry-Heath.pdf 4.68 MB
    130-Projective Geometry from Foundations to Applications-Albrecht,Beutelspacher.pdf 9.74 MB
    130-Thirteen Books of Euclids Elements. Books I-II Volume 1-Heath.pdf 20.11 MB
    130-Thirteen Books of Euclids Elements. Books III-IX Volume 2-Heath.pdf 17.47 MB
    130-Thirteen Books of Euclids Elements. Books X-XIII Volume 3-Heath.pdf 19.68 MB
    136-Computability an Introduction to Recursive Function Theory-Cutland.djvu 2.34 MB
    140-Elements of Differential Geometry-Millman,Parker.djvu 2.22 MB
    142-A First Course in Algebraic Topology-Kosniowski.djvu 2.76 MB
    143-Undergraduate Algebraic Geometry-Reid.djvu 7.36 MB
    160-A History of Mathematics 3e-Boyer,Merzbach.pdf 6.39 MB
    160-Greek Mathematical Works Volume I-Thomas.pdf 16.62 MB
    160-Greek Mathematical Works Volume II-Thomas.pdf 16.55 MB
    160-Mathematics in the Time of the Pharaohs-Gillings.pdf 20.74 MB
    160-The Exact Sciences in Antiquity-Neugebauer.djvu 5.49 MB
    160-The Historical Development of the Calculus-Edwards.djvu 2.85 MB
    170-Methods of Mathematical Economics Linear and Nonlinear Programming-Franklin.pdf 15.67 MB
    172-Introduction to enumerative combinatorics-Bona.djvu 3.16 MB
    185-Complex Analysis 3e-Bak,Newman.pdf 1.80 MB
    185-Complex Analysis-Freitag,Busam.pdf 2.76 MB
    185-Complex Analysis-Shakarchi.pdf 2.93 MB
    185-Notes on Complex Function Theory-Sarason.djvu 2.16 MB
    185-Problems and Solutions for Complex Analysis-Shakarchi,Lang.djvu 3.48 MB
    185-Visual Complex Analysis-Needham.pdf 9.12 MB
    191-A course in number theory and cryptography-Koblitz.djvu 3.22 MB
    191-Cryptography Theory And Practice-Stinson.pdf 16.82 MB
    191-The Elements of Statistical Learning, Data Mining Inference and Prediction-Hastie,Tibshirani,Friedman.pdf 17.85 MB
    54-Elementary differential equations and boundary value problems 8e-Boyce,DiPrima.pdf 4.26 MB

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