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    Mega Robot Bomber - The Ultimate SEO Software | 40MB

    Here is the program of your dreams-this is no joke! Mega Robot Bomber has everything you need to obtain first spot in search engines, and gain thousands of daily visitors. It all depends on how many visitors you want and how much money youâ??d like to earn. The possibilities are infinite!

    Mega Robot Bomber comprises all the best features of PinFM Auto Robot, Auto Traffic Machine and Google Plus Extreme, but is far more powerful than these three programs. In addition, with Mega Robot Bomber you will gain additional innovative and valuable tools. Just check out the impressive list of features:

    1-RSS Builder
    2-RSS submitter
    3-Blog Commenter
    4-Google Plus Friend Adder
    5-Email Marketing
    6-Web 2.0 submitter
    7-Web 2.0 account creator
    8-A very powerful Link Indexer
    9-Supports multiple accounts ( 70-80 daily)
    10-Articles rotator
    12-Seo checker
    11-Backlinks Checker
    12-Backlinks Indexer
    13-Supports deathbycaptcha
    14-Share your articles on, hellotxt, hootsuite, wordpress, pliggs sites, skype
    15-Youtube Marketing
    16-Bookmarking Submitter
    17- CraigsList Email Harvester

    Mind-boggling? Perhaps; but a reality. Imagine being able to automatically share your RSS or any url scheduled in 70 accounts on Ping.FM daily. As you know, each account of PingFM has the most significant social sites and web 2.0. In other words, you will dominate any niche in no time.

    Letâ??s assume that you have 500 Facebook friends and Twitter followers combined on your two accounts. This would be multiplied as such: 500 x 2 (Facebook and Twitter) x 70 accounts of Ping.FM. In other words, you would be inviting 70,000 potential clients to your page daily! Now, if you add in this potent list of sites:

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