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    Default The Ultimate Post-Apocalyptic e-book Collection

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    The Ultimate Post-Apocalyptic e-book Collection
    English | PDF | Collection | 1.71 Gb

    Post-Apocalyptic - Is a general term used for end of the world fiction concerning Nuclear War, Disasters and Alien Invasion etc
    Plague - A broad brush collection of Pandemic type stories resulting in huge loses of life and survival therafter.
    Zombie - My favorite genre ranging from Polution, Radiation and Disiese resulting in death and then reanimation.

    Download Links:
    Code: eBook Collection.part5.rar eBook Collection.part4.rar eBook Collection.part3.rar eBook Collection.part2.rar eBook Collection.part1.rar eBook Collection.part1.rar eBook Collection.part2.rar eBook Collection.part3.rar eBook Collection.part4.rar eBook Collection.part5.rar



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