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    Transhumanist Books (Collection)
    English | PDF | Collection | 626.38 Mb

    Andy Clark Being There.pdf 1.57 MB
    Andy Clark Mindware.djvu 7.57 MB
    Andy Clark Natural Born Cyborgs.pdf 1.87 MB
    Andy Clark Supersizing the Mind.pdf 1.37 MB
    Apocalyptic AI.pdf 1.57 MB
    Artificial.Intelligence.A.Modern.Approach.3rd.Ed(2010).pdf 44.80 MB
    B.C. Crandall - Nanotechnology Molecular Speculations on Global Abundance.pdf 1.20 MB
    Barabasi Linked The New Science of Networks.djvu 2.59 MB
    Biopolitics and Philosophy by Esposito.pdf 10.60 MB
    Bostrom Anthropic Bias.pdf 1.65 MB
    Bostrom Global Catastrophic Risks.pdf 3.94 MB
    Brockman What we believe but cannot prove.pdf 1.02 MB
    Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality.pdf 3.01 MB
    Cyborgs and Barbie Dolls~Feminism, Popular Culture and the Posthuman Body [2007].pdf 1.33 MB
    DeŽluge Apre`s l'Homme... le Cyborg.pdf 840.89 KB
    EnginesofCreation2_9755369.pdf 4.41 MB
    EverythingBad_Good.djvu 1.29 MB
    EverythingBad_Good.pdf 13.29 MB
    Evola Revolt Against the Modern World.pdf 17.99 MB
    Evola Ride the Tiger.pdf 9.17 MB
    Fahy West Harris The Future of Aging.pdf 15.58 MB
    Faster - James Gleick.pdf 908.39 KB
    freeculture.pdf 2.48 MB
    Future Evolution.pdf 3.90 MB
    Gaming Lives in the Twenty First Century.pdf 1.32 MB
    Gee New Digital Media and Learning.pdf 1.97 MB
    Gershenfeld When things start to think.pdf 3.84 MB
    Hacking Matter - Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite Weirdness of Programmable Atoms.pdf 2.26 MB
    Haraway Simians, Cyborgs and Women.pdf 17.66 MB
    Haraway When Species Meet.pdf 4.43 MB
    Harris - Enhancing Evolution.pdf 757.55 KB
    Howard Bloom - The Lucifer Principle.pdf 1.42 MB
    I Live in the Future & Here's How It Wor - Nick Bilton.pdf 1.30 MB
    Introducing post-feminism.pdf 4.38 MB
    is-human-nature-obsolete-genetics-bioengineering-and-the-future-of-the-human-condition.9780262524285.18504.pdf 3.75 MB
    Kelly - 2010 - What Technology Wants.pdf 227.36 MB
    La Mort de la Mort Laurent Alexandre.epub 603.99 KB
    Lifelines - biology beyond determinism by Steven Rose.pdf 2.28 MB
    Making robots human.pdf 47.19 MB
    Mavericks of Medicine.pdf 2.46 MB
    Menary The Extended Mind.pdf 2.42 MB
    Nietzsche - Biology and Metaphor.pdf 923.46 KB
    out of control kevin kelly.pdf 7.31 MB
    Palfrey Born Digital.pdf 1.14 MB
    Philosophy of Technology Duzek.pdf 1.69 MB
    Pitt Doing Philosophy of Technology.pdf 2.01 MB
    Reinventing Discovery- The New Era of Networked Science.epub 518.33 KB
    Richard Watson - Future Files.pdf 1.61 MB
    Rushkoff Life Inc.pdf 1.52 MB
    Rushkoff Cyberia.pdf 18.93 MB
    Rushkoff Program or be Programmed.epub 308.20 KB
    Sloterdijk La Domestication de l'Etre.pdf 2.36 MB
    Spengler, Oswald - Man & Technics.pdf 1.45 MB
    Stiegler La Telecratie.pdf 18.85 MB
    The Age of Spiritual Machines.pdf 5.06 MB
    The beginning of Infinity 1.35 MB
    The Intelligent Universe.pdf 1.07 MB
    The Singularity is near Kurzweil.pdf 13.80 MB
    The Singularity is near.epub 2.44 MB
    The_Dada_Cyborg.pdf 10.00 MB
    Toffler Future Shock.pdf 1.68 MB
    UP-WINGERS - F.M. ESFANDIARY.epub 102.23 KB
    Virtual Art From Illusion to Immersion.pdf 20.21 MB
    Wagner James The Making of Second Life.pdf 1.49 MB
    Wallach Moral Machines.pdf 2.63 MB
    What have your changed your mind about.pdf 10.91 MB
    What is Posthumanism by Cary Wolfe.pdf 3.64 MB
    What is your dangerous idea Brockman.djvu 1.84 MB
    What video games have to teach us about language and literacy.pdf 4.94 MB
    Where_Good_Ideas_Come_From.epub 506.31 KB
    Women and Gaming.pdf 1.52 MB
    __In_The_Plex__How_Google_Thinks__Works__and_Shapes_Our_Lives_____NOOK_Book.epub 918.75 KB
    __Why_We_Age__What_Science_Is_Discovering_about_the_Body__039_s_Journey_Through_Life.pdf 3.03 MB

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