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    Default Trainsignal - System Center Configuration Manager Training

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    Trainsignal - System Center Configuration Manager Training
    English | 2 DVDs (ISO) | Computer Science | 4.05 GB

    In this Video I will outline the scenario we will be using throughout the course and I will introduce you to how we will be working with System Center Configuration Manager.

    TrainSignal System Center Configuration Manager Training
    Certified Instruction - Scott Lowe

    Lesson 1 - Course Introduction
    In this Video I will outline the scenario we will be using throughout the course and I will introduce you to how we will be working with System Center Configuration Manager.
    Prerequisite Knowledge and Abilities
    Course Technical Notes
    Lab Hardware Requirements
    Lab Server Configuration
    Course Overview

    Lesson 2 - SCCM Components and Installation
    In this Video we will focus on getting your SCCM Server up and running.
    SCCM Site Server Roles
    SCCM Site Server Requirements
    SCCM Infrastructure Requirements
    Configure the AD System Container
    Mixed Mode vs. Native Mode
    Client Agent Selection and Other Installation Settings
    Update to SCCM 2007 R2

    Lesson 3 - SCCM General Administration and Post-Installation Tasks
    In this Video we will explore the various post installation options you will need to know about in order to get your SCCM Site in working order and ready to use.
    Introduction to the SCCM Console
    Site Settings
    Site Boundaries
    Active Directory Publishing
    Publish the Default Management Point in DNS
    Discovery Methods
    Client Agents
    Discovery and Collections

    Lesson 4 - SCCM Client Deployment and Client Support
    In this Video you will learn about how to implement the several different methods of client installation. Plus, you will learn the troubleshooting steps you can take in your SCCM environment to figure out what might have gone wrong during your client deployment and how to remedy these potential issues.
    Required and Recommended Site Components
    Recommended Pre-Installation Steps
    Client Agents
    Pre-Install BITS
    SCCM Client Installation
    Client Push Method
    SCCM Client Installation Via Startup script
    Manual SCCM Client Installation
    Other Methods for Deploying SCCM
    Troubleshooting SCCM, Client Discovery, and Client Installation
    SCCM Client Tasks

    Lesson 5 - Basic Reporting
    In this Video you will learn the various reporting techniques available in SCCM and how to best way to utilize the information obtained in these reports.
    Client Agent Information - The Resource Explorer
    Windows Event Viewer
    About the SCCM Manager Reporting Point
    Add an SCCM Reporting Point
    Using the Reporting Point
    Running Reports from a Web Browser

    Lesson 6 - Software Distribution and Collections
    In this Video you will learn about automating software distribution by working hands on to implement a centralized software distribution mechanism across all machines; both servers and desktops.
    Creating and Managing Collections
    Configuring Software Distribution
    The Distribution Process in Action with Office 2007
    Creating and Adding Programs to the Package
    Distributing and Advertising the Package
    Client Side and Troubleshooting
    Software Distribution Status and Reporting

    Lesson 7 - Using SCCM to Manage Software Updates
    In this Video you will learn how to synchronize updates from new and existing WSUS system. Plus, you will learn the three steps to deploying software updates, how to use the Software Updates Client Agent, and much more.
    SCCM and Windows Server Update Services
    The Software Update Point
    Software Updates Client Agent
    Managing Software Updates
    Update Lists and Search Folders
    Create a Search Folder
    Create an Update List
    Add Updates to the Update List
    Deploying Updates Using an Update List
    Deploying Updates Using an Update List
    Concept Recap
    Reusing an Existing Update List

    Lesson 8 - Desired Configuration Management (DCM)
    The leading cause of downtime for an IT organization is unplanned change, which can have a negative impact on your IT infrastructure. In this Video you will learn how to keep changes from being made without a plan by implementing the DCM feature, including the Configuration Manager Configuration Pack and the Server 2003 Configuration Pack. Plus, you will see how to implement the SCCM R2 Infrastructure to monitor Forefront Client Security on your servers.
    The Purpose of Desired Configuration Management (DCM)
    DCM in Previous Versions of SMS/SCCM
    DCM Prerequisites
    Enable the DCM Client Agent
    General DCM Process
    Download and Import Configuration Packs
    Configuration Items and Configuration Baselines
    Assign a Configuration Baseline to a Collection
    Compliance Verification and Reporting
    Security Compliance Management Toolkit
    Compliance Success and Failure
    Creating Your Own Configuration Item
    Create a Non-Compliance Collection for Remediation
    Identify Computers Without .NET framework v2.0
    Policy Creation Options
    Using DCM to Monitor ForeFront with SCCM 2007 R2

    Lesson 9 - Asset Intelligence
    In this Video you will learn how to use Asset Intelligence to allow loose license auditing and enhance the capabilities of the existing hardware inventory function.
    About Asset Intelligence
    Asset Intelligence: Then and Now
    About the Catalog
    Asset Intelligence Prerequisites
    Enable Asset Intelligence
    Asset Intelligence Reporting Classes
    Enabling CAL Tracking
    Site Maintenance Tasks
    Importing Your MVLS License Statement
    CAL Tracking ‘Gotchas’
    General Asset Intelligence Caveats
    Asset Intelligence Synchronization Point
    Sample AI Reports

    Lesson 10 - Deploying New Computer Operating Systems
    The operating system deployment process can be complicated. In this Video I will take you step-by-step through this process and show you some best practices and tricks I use to make things run smoothly.
    Computers Used in this Video
    Overall OS Deployment Process
    Prep SCCM and Other Services
    Build the Reference Computer
    Prepare to Capture the Reference Computer Image
    Capture the Reference Computer Image
    Import the Image into SCCM and Add it to a Distribution Point
    Understanding the OS Deployment Process
    Boot Images: Prepare and Add to Distribution Points
    Populate the SCCM Distribution Point with an Installation Package
    Add New Computers to a Collection
    Create, Configure, and Advertise a Task Sequence
    Deploy the Image
    OS Deployment Links

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