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    Default TrainSignal - Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging Training(2011)

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    TrainSignal - Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging Training (2011)
    English | ISO | Duration: 5h 20m | BGR24 | 800x600 | 15fps 687kbps
    PCM 352kbps | 1.72GB | Genre: eLearning

    A Universal Inbox. Email, voicemail and fax—all entering your employees' inboxes and accessible through Outlook, Outlook Web App, or yes, even through Outlook Voice Access (OVA). Best of all, it's already built into your Exchange 2010 server role line-up. Unified Messaging is an awesome and polished solution that will not only connect with your users' inboxes, not only provide a means to have users dial in to obtain their inbox information through auto attendants, and not only provide speech-to-text transcription for your users' emails so they can have a voicemail preview of their messages—it provides the key to unlocking the door that separates your IT world from telephony. And that door, once open, will yield innumerable rewards (power-ups, if you will) for both your organization and you personally as you become a specialist in Unified Messaging.
    The question is, how does one begin the process of becoming a Unified Messaging specialist? Without the dedicated hardware and telephony know-how it is almost impossible. That is why I've created this course with TrainSignal. It wasn't our goal to just teach you Unified Messaging. Any decent instructor who knows how to click Next-Next-Finish can teach you the basics. The goal is to round out your knowledge of telephony concepts and terminology, and demonstrate a fully-functional UM environment that takes you deeper into the UM world than any course on the planet.

    In this course, in just over 5 hours, you'll learn how to:
    Design and deploy Unified Messaging like a professional.
    Address configuration options within dial plans, IP gateways, mailbox policies and auto attendants.
    Provide a fully automated voicemail system with multiple languages supported using auto attendants.
    All without having to spend a dime for the extra hardware needed to make this work.

    Upon completion of this course you will no longer be JUST an Exchange admin or an IT professional. You'll be a Unified Messaging expert.

    Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging Training - Course Outline
    Lesson 1 - Getting Started with Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging Training
    Lesson 2 - The Course Scenario
    Lesson 3 - Lab Setup
    Lesson 4 - Unified Messaging Feature Review
    Lesson 5 - Prerequisites for Unified Messaging
    Lesson 6 - Installing Unified Messaging
    Lesson 7 - Enabling Unified Messaging
    Lesson 8 - Refining Unified Messaging IP Gateways and Dial Plans
    Lesson 9 - Refining Unified Messaging Mailbox Policies
    Lesson 10 - Working with Unified Messaging Auto Attendants
    Lesson 11 - Creating Custom Prompts for Auto Attendants
    Lesson 12 - Working with Unified Messaging Language Packs
    Lesson 13 - Outlook Voice Access and Call Answering Rules
    Lesson 14 - Unified Messaging Disaster Recovery and High Availability
    Lesson 15 - Monitoring and Troubleshooting Unified Messaging
    Lesson 16 - Next Steps




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