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    Default Ten Commitments to Your Success

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    Ten Commitments to Your Success

    Ten Commitments to Your Success by Steve Chandler
    English | 2010 | ISBN: 1931741506 | 128 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB
    America's notoriously unorthodox and creative personal growth guru Steve Chandler has written his most compact and powerful book yet in the Ten Commitments . By explaining and dramatizing the power of introducing synergy into your life, Chandler demolishes the myth that a balanced life makes you mediocre at everything, and a boring "jack of all trades."

    From the Publisher The painful lessons learned from those who developed their minds but neglected their bodies (or vice versa) or developed their spiritual work without taking care of their families are delivered in the 10 Commitments with Chandler's trademark biting wit and achingly touching confessions. The mind-body-spirit synergy which has now been verified and validated by the biosciences as an absolutely necessary synergy for a long life, are here expanded to ten specific commitments to be made and kept on a daily basis. These commitments then combine with each other to produce, not a lone voice singing in the wilderness, but a thrilling harmonic chorus that connects the individual to the entire universal web of living, loving beings.

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