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    Arrow Telecommunications Essentials, 2nd Edition: The Complete Global Source

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    Title - Telecommunications Essentials, 2nd Edition: The Complete Global Source

    Lillian Goleniewski & Kitty Wilson Jarrett, "Telecommunications Essentials, 2nd Edition: The Complete Global Source"
    Addison Wesley Professional l CHM l 928 Pages l 10 MB

    Book Description :

    Telecommunications Essentials is the complete global reference on telecommunications technologies, applications, and networks. The book is based on the globally acclaimed LIDO Telecommunications Essentials(R) seminar series, which Iíve had the pleasure of conducting, globally, since 1984.

    This book is designed to allow a non-technical professional, as well as technical professional wishing to expand their range of knowledge, to develop an understanding of the language and concepts comprising telecommunications, while also providing enough technical depth to develop a sound knowledge of the key technologies and network infrastructures. Its organization reflects the logical progression of telecommunications developments and solutions, allowing one to develop a historical basis for appreciating the evolution of telecommunications, while developing an enthusiasm for realizing the magnitude of the revolution yet to come.

    My academic background in clinical psychology, combined with 21 years of practical experience in telecommunications consulting and education, allows me to deliver information about complex technologies with a distinct human touch, one designed not just to teach you the principles of telecommunications, but to also engage your interest, and inspire your desire to learn more.

    Realizing that the study of telecom involves lifelong learning, Telecommunications Essentials is supported with an online learning environment, including LIDO Telecom WebCentral(R), a knowledge portal offering access to over 6,000 web resources, as well as the Telecom Essentials Learning Center, where you can take online quizzes, engage in or create discussion groups, access an online glossary, and find over 1,000 recommendations on selected books, magazines and websites, all organized according to the chapters of the book.

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