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    Default Taking Your Android Tablets to the Max

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    Taking Your Android Tablets to the Max By Russell Holly
    2012 | 208 Pages | ISBN: 1430236892 | EPUB + PDF | 9 MB + 61 MB

    The march of the Android-based tablets has begun, including Galaxy Samsung Tab, Motorola XOOM, Nook and more. But where do you start? And what can you do with an Android tablet?
    Taking Your Android Tablets to the Max is a one-stop shop for users of all skill levels, helping you get the most out of any Android tablet.

    This book offers:
    • A breakdown of the differences between an Android 2.0+ or an Android 3.0 device
    • Tips for choosing the best device for you and how to best network (i.e., best wireless carrier for 3G or 4G or just WIFI)
    • Detailed walkthroughs on how to get the most out of your tablet and the apps for it
    What you’ll learn
    • Which Android tablet is the best; what size and features
    • What carriers should you choose for 3G/4G or just WIFI
    • How to fully enjoy your tablet—books, music, movies and games
    • How to use your tablet in a workspace
    • How to take your tablet on the road
    • How to maintain your tablet
    • How to work and live with the cloud as part of your tablet experience
    • How to never worry about losing your pictures, music and more
    Who this book is for
    This book is for tech enthusiasts and their family members, or anyone else who either owns or is considering buying an Android tablet.




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