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    Default Success & Prosperity (ENG)

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    Success & Prosperity (ENG)
    Publisher: Detox Your World 2000 | ISBN: n/a | Language English | Audio CD in APE | 429 MB
    Genre: Ebooks

    In the end what is in your pursuit of success on the road to tie him down you? Rest assured! Deep in your subconscious negative thinking, now has a clear way. "Success and prosperity" will strengthen your belief in the success of unlimited wealth and open your door.
    Self-identified content

    I was a success and I appreciate my success
    I have a lot of good fortune
    I acknowledge my blessings
    I attract success into a magnetic field
    I naturally accept the success
    I deserve success
    I make full use of my time and I work very hard
    Do better than Daddy is a good rod
    Mommy and I are one

    Suitable conditions
    1. No sense of purpose
    2. No confidence in their own
    3. He did not always worry about achievements
    4 doing business hope to sign some more orders
    5. Their own businesses want better business
    6. The desire for success are not strong enough
    7 negative growth process is often scolded suspected
    8. Hearts are not sure of everything
    9. Think of themselves as failures




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