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    Arrow Stephen Coonts - The War in the Air

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    War in the Air: True Accounts of the 2Oth Century's Most Dramatic Air Battles by the Men Who Fought Them (1996)

    In this collection of true tales of aerial combat, you'll meet some of the greatest figures in aviation history from all nations: American, British, German, Japanese, and more. Witness the courage and charisma of America's first air hero, Captain Eddie V. Rickenbacker, whose exploits set the standard for all fighter pilots to follow; "The Doolittle Raid," in which sixteen B-25 Bombers struck hard at the heart of the Japanese empire; "The Flight of Enola Gay," the mission that changed the world forever; and "The Last Ace," an original account of the first victory of Vietnam jet ace Captain Steve Ritchie.

    These are not stories about airplanes, but rather of the heroes who flew them -- of the steady hands, bold hearts, and raw nerve that it takes to survive when the sky becomes a battlefield.


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