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    Default The Spectacular Spider Girl Vol.1 No.4 Oct.2010

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    The Spectacular Spider Girl Limited 3/4 Vol.1 N 3/5 August 2010
    English| 2010| PDF | 18MB

    In a time-travel arc taking place in the U.K.-based publication The Spectacular Spider-Man, aimed at a much younger audience, Peter meets a Spider-Girl whilst trailing the Sandman in the future. With the aid of Spider-Girl and H.E.R.B.I.E., Peter defeats the Sandman and returns to his own time with H.E.R.B.I.E. At the conclusion of the strip, Spider-Girl returns home to her parents, revealed as Peter and Mary Jane Parker, and unmasks to reveal the features of Mayday Parker. Mayday tells her parents of her experience with a “new Spider-Man”, before Peter assures her that the individual she met was a past version of himself. Peter also reveals in the conversation that, like his MC2 counterpart, he was forced to abandon his career as Spider-Man due to a leg injury. This continuity is separate from both MC2 and 616, making this the second continuity to incorporate Mayday and adapt the MC2 version of how Peter relinquished the Spider-Man identity.




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