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    Social Psychology

    Social Psychology By Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, Robin M. Akert
    Publisher: P//re[nti/ce] H//all; 7 edition 2010 | 624 Pages | ISBN: 0138144788 | PDF | 86 MB

    For an undergraduate introductory level course in social psychology.

    Research made relevant through a storytelling approach.

    This renowned text maintains its acclaimed storytelling approach to convey the science of social psychology while making research relevant to students. The authors bring the material under study to life through real-world examples that capture students' attention and motivate further exploration. Paying particular attention to the classic research that has driven the field and introducing cutting-edge research that is the future of Social Psychology, Aronson/Wilson/Akert provide a firm foundation for students to build their understanding of this rigorous science in a way that engages and fascinates.


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    Can we buy this through online?



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