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    Default Smart Grid: Technology and Applications

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    "Smart Grid: Technology and Applications" by Janaka Ekanayake, Kithsiri Liyanage, Jianzhong Wu, Akihiko Yokoyama, Nick Jenkins
    John Wiley & Sons | 2012 | ISBN: 1119968682 9781119968689 9780470974094 | 293 pages | PDF | 5 MB

    This book provides discussion on the fundaments of the Smart Grid concept and then describes the technologies that are required for its realisation. It allows the reader to engage with the immediate development of the power system and to take part in the debate over the future Smart Grid.
    The book opens with an overview on understanding the Smart Grid, and then is divided into three sections.
    Section 1 covers communication standards for the Smart Grid. Section Two discusses sensing, measurement, control and automation.
    Smart metering and demand side participation are described in detail, before distribution automation and the distribution management system.
    The last chapter of this section covers advanced transmission system operation.
    Section Three looks at power electronic and advanced components. First of all the topic of power electronics in power demand and supply is presented. Enabling technologies and advanced components are described last of all, giving a balanced view of Smart Grids.

    About the Authors
    List of Abbreviations
    1 The Smart Grid
    Part I Information andCommunicationTechnologies
    2 Data Communication
    3 Communication Technologies for the Smart Grid
    4 Information Security for the Smart Grid
    Part II Sensing, Measurement, Control and Automation Technologies
    5 Smart Metering and Demand-Side Integration
    6 Distribution Automation Equipment
    7 Distribution Management Systems
    8 Transmission System Operation
    Part III Power Electronics and Energy Storage
    9 Power Electronic Converters
    10 Power Electronics in the Smart Grid
    11 Power Electronics for Bulk Power Flows
    12 Energy Storage




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