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    Default Sexual Abuse - Breaking the Silence

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    Sexual Abuse - Breaking the Silence

    "Sexual Abuse - Breaking the Silence" ed. by Ersi Abac? Kalfog(lu and Rehat Faikoglu
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535104254 9789535104254 | 245 pages | PDF | 7 MB

    The focus of this book is on providing a review of sexual abuse, physical abuse. Chapters describe the biological systems most closely involved in regulating stress responses; review existing literature on the psychobiological consequences of child and adult sexual abuse; discuss limitations of existing data; introduce a conceptual framework for understanding sexual abuse as it relates to future mental and physical health.

    Part 1 The Psychology of Sexual Victimization
    1 A Review of Childhood Abuse Questionnaires and Suggested Treatment Approaches
    2 Sexual Abuse Histories Among Incarcerated Older Adult Offenders: A Descriptive Study
    3 A Salutogenic Approach to Healing Following Child Sexual Assault
    4 Do Alexithymia, Dissociation, and CSA Explain the Controversial Topic of Memory Recovery?
    5 Gender Differences in the Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Alexithymia, Dissociation and Self
    Part 2 The Physiological Impact of Sexual Assault
    6 Psychobiological Effects of Sexual Abuse
    7 Risk Factors in Sexually Abused Children Reporting to the One Stop Centre at University Teaching Hospital in Zambia
    8 How Do We Recognize Recent Sexual Abuse in Children Less than 10 Years of Age? What Is the Role of Paediatric Wards? Experience in a French Paediatric Hospital
    9 Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult Physical and Dental Health Outcomes
    10 Child Sexual Abuse and Its Implications for Children's Health
    Part 3 Culturally Diverse Attitudes in Coping with Assault
    11 Coping with an Experience of Child Sexual Abuse: Perspectives of Young Female Survivors in South Africa
    12 What Went Wrong at Ohel Children's Home - and What Can Be Done About Its Failure to Protect Jewish Children from Abuse?
    13 Researching Sexual Abuse in Societies in Which Sexuality Is Regarded as Taboo: Difficulties and Proposed Solutions
    14 Considering the Sexual Harassment as an Equivalent Incestuous
    15 Sexual Abuse of Live-In Care Workers in Taiwan




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