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    The Secret History 1-12 Comic Book | 401 MB

    The Secret History is a European comic book series republished in the US by Archaia Press, just like The Killer and the Okko cycles. It was originally planned for seven issues but proved to be so popular they released an issue #8 in April of 2010 and it seems it is now an ongoing. This comic book series is written by Jean-Pierre P├ęcau, and the artists are Igor Kordey (issues #1, 2, 6, and 7), Goran Sudzuka and Geto (issue #3), and Leo Pilipovic (issues #4 and 5); Carole Beau colors it (with some help from Isabelle Rabarot), Edward Gauvin translates it, and Marshall Dillon letters it (with some help from Joyce El Hayek and Scott Newman). Essentially the story is this: 5000 years ago, an old man gives four runestones to four children to keep them from falling into the wrong hands (their village is being pillaged). The runes are: the Chalice, the Lance, the Sword, and the Shield. The children who receive them are, respectively, Dyo, Reka, Aker, and Erlin. The shaman implores them never to use the runes together and never let them rule their hearts, but once he dies, the children go on their own separate ways, plotting and scheming to collect all four runestones and posess ultimate power, down through the ages--the rune-holders, or archons, as they're called, seemingly given immortality by the runes.


    The Secret History Book 1 - Genesis (Vague Prophet Vapor Trail).cbr 33.04 MB
    The Secret History Book 10 - The Black Stone (Vague Prophet).cbr 32.48 MB
    The Secret History Book 11 - Nadja (Vague Prophet).cbr 27.21 MB
    The Secret History Book 12 - Lucky Point (Vague Prophet).cbr 27.98 MB
    The Secret History Book 2 - Castle of the Djinns (Vague Prophet Vapor Trail).cbr 34.22 MB
    The Secret History Book 3 - The Grail of Montsegure (Vague Prophet Vapor Trail).cbr 33.97 MB
    The Secret History Book 4 - The Keys of St. Peter (Vague Prophet Vapor Trail).cbr 35.07 MB
    The Secret History Book 5 - 1666 (Vague Prophet Vapor Trail).cbr 33.83 MB
    The Secret History Book 6 - The Eagle and the Sphinx (Vague Prophet Vapor Trail).cbr 44.53 MB
    The Secret History Book 7 - Our Lady of the Shadows (Vague Prophet Vapor Trail).cbr 40.37 MB
    The Secret History Book 8 - Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Vague Prophet).cbr 29.00 MB
    The Secret History Book 9 - The Thule Society (Vague Prophet).cbr 29.30 MB

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