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    Title - Russia (Modern World Nations)

    William A. Dando, "Russia (Modern World Nations)"
    Chelsea House Publications l PDF l 142 Pages l 4 MB

    Book Description :

    Russia is the world's largest country. Nearly twice the size of the United States, it stretches across 11 time zones, from west to east. Russia's unique landscape is made up of several vegetation zones, from forests to deserts. Beginning in the north, frigid arctic deserts and tundra gradually give way to the vast taiga. These coniferous forests, with the deciduous, or leaf-bearing, forest, cover approximately half of Russia. South of the forest is the drier region of wooded and grassland steppes. This zone is known for its rich black soil, or chernozem, which makes the steppe Russia's primary source of grain. Semidesert, desert and subtropical forests round out Russia's geographical regions, to the south. Russia's population is as diverse as its geography. Although Russians make up nearly 80 percent of the population, more than 100 ethnic groups make this vast land their home, the largest groups being the Tatars and Ukrainians.

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