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    Default Remote Sensing of Biomass - Principles and Applications

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    Remote Sensing of Biomass - Principles and Applications

    "Remote Sensing of Biomass - Principles and Applications" ed. by Temilola Fatoyinbo
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103134 9789535103134 | 333 pages | PDF | 22 MB

    The goal of this book is to address the newest developments in biomass measurements, sensor development, field measurements and modeling.

    Remote Sensing is the most accurate tool for global biomass measurements because of the ability to measure large areas. Current biomass estimates are derived primarily from ground-based samples, as compiled and reported in inventories and ecosystem samples.

    By using remote sensing technologies, we are able to scale up the sample values and supply wall to wall mapping of biomass. Three separate remote sensing technologies are available today to measure ecosystem biomass: passive optical, radar, and lidar. There are many measurement methodologies that range from the application driven to the most technologically cutting-edge.

    Part 1 Forests
    1 Lidar Remote Sensing fbr Biomass Assessment
    2 Forest Structure Retrieval from Multi-Basel ine SARs
    3 Biomass Prediction in TropicaI Forests: The Canopy Grain Approach
    4 Remote Sensing of Biomass in the Miombo Woodlands of Southern Africa: Opportunities and Limitations fbr Research
    Part 2 Oceans
    5 Ocean Color Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton Functional Types
    6 Using SVD Analysis of Combined Altimetry and Ocean Color Satellite Data fbr Assessing Basin Scale Phys ica l-B io log ica I Coupling in the Mediterranean Sea
    Part 3 Fires
    7 Advances in Remote Sensing of Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery Monitoring - A Review
    3 The Science and Application of Satellite Based Fire Radiative Energy
    Part 4 Models
    9 Resilience and Stability Associated with Conversion of Boreal Forest
    10 Reconstructing LAI Series by Filtering Technique and a Dynamic Plant Model
    Part 5 Applications
    11 Mapping Aboveground and Foliage Biomass Over the Porcupine Caribou Habitat in Northern Yukon and Alaska Using Landsat and JERS-1/SAR Data
    12 Rice Crop Monitoring with Unmanned Helicopter Remote Sensing Images
    13 Geostatistical Estimation of Biomass Stock in Chilean Native Forests and Plantations
    14 Using Remote Sensing to Estimate a Renewable Resource: Forest Residual Biomass

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