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    Arrow Reed Arvin - Blood of Angels & The Last Goodbye (Non-RS)

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    An honest and dedicated public servant, Thomas Dennehy helplessly let the pressures of his job destroy his marriage and separate him from his adored young daughter. Now he's shattered by the revelation that, as a result of a case he prosecuted, an innocent man may have been executed.

    In the midst of a heated public outcry, a similar case threatens to push Dennehy over the edge, leading him into a dangerous affair and through a twisting maze of lies, revenge, and death. Because, suddenly, more than one innocent life is at stake -- and a good and desperate man must fight to save everything he still lives for.

    Jack Hammond is a lawyer and an honorable man with a weakness for a pretty face -- a fatal flaw that has already destroyed his reputation, his position with an elite law firm ... and the life of a beautiful woman. Now barely getting by as the court-appointed attorney of petty thieves and small-time drug dealers, he struggles to keep hisemotions in check -- until a friend and former addict is found dead with a syringe in his arm.

    Where the police see just another junkie overdose, Jack sees a murder. And his investigation is leading him into the dead man's strange obsession with spellbinding singer Michele Sonnier, one half of Atlanta's most popular power couple -- a dangerous passion the attorney is soon making his own. But entering the secret world of the dazzling, deeply troubled star is pulling Jack inexorably toward another fall from grace -- one that could prove more shocking, devastating, and lethal than the one before.
    Reed Arvin - Blood of Angels (v5.0) (pdf)
    Reed Arvin - The Last Goodbye (v5.0) (pdf)

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