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    Type Self Improvement

    Become The Alpha Male Subliminal

    The Alpha Male is the dominant leader of the group, he always gets what he wants! He exudes confidence, dominates any group, and always has options with women. You too can adopt the characteristics, behaviours, and attitudes of the Alpha Male using this subliminal mp3 album. Here is how it works:

    Reprogram your mind to increase your confidence, self esteem, influence, dominance, assertiveness, attraction, and magnetism to help you in all social situations!

    Make it easier to attract women without memorising fake chat up lines; just use that natural Alpha Male magnetism!

    Take control and lead social situations and conversations. Easily start and have conversations with women, or men any time.

    Gain the confidence to be yourself live in the moment, say whats on your mind, stop worrying and over thinking.

    Adopt an Alpha Unreactive Attitude stay unaffected people other peoples attempts to bully you / attempts to put you down and start showing alpha male characteristics and alpha male behavior.

    Increase your power balance in relationships to have healthier relationships and a better sex life

    Attract Money In Abundance Subliminal

    The law of attraction has been made famous by the DVD and book The Secret. It states that people experience a physical reality that corresponds to their most frequent and powerful thoughts and feelings that people have direct control over their life through thought alone. i.e. you get what you think about or your thoughts determine your experience.

    This album works like our other law of attraction subliminal, except that this album focuses totally on the attraction of money. Our powerful subliminal messages work by aligning your subconscious mind to your conscious goals of attracting money and prosperity into your life. This means that not only are your conscious thoughts, actions, and behaviors all working towards your goals of prosperity, but your subconscious mind is focused on attracting money too boosting the energy you are directing to manifest your wishes and maximising the returns!

    Reprogram your mind to manifest your desires into money in abundance and financial freedom for life.

    Align your unconscious mind with your specific money attraction goals.
    Remove any mental barriers to your success and keep negative energy and thoughts away.

    Reprogram your mind into a permanent positive state.

    Focus your mind into a strong state of belief belief that you will make the law of attraction work for you and achieve financial freedom.

    Subliminally charge yourself into an optimum permanent state of motivation to achieve your desires in terms of attracting money.

    The people who have success with the law of attraction fully believe in it, consciously, and unconsciously, their minds work in turbo mode thinking about their desires. There are no negative thoughts holding them back at all. They set a desire for something, and they know it will come to them. This is the only way to really make the law of attraction work a complete belief, and synchronisation between your actions, your thoughts, and your unconscious mind.

    Even if you are consciously thinking and acting in line with the law of attraction, there are probably doubting thoughts deep within your mind which are holding you back. Our subliminal mp3 album is designed to remove them, and set your unconscious mind into alignment with your conscious actions, and thoughts.

    Bring your mind, body, and unconscious mind together to work and focus on your money attraction goals; boost your manifestation abilities and ensure you bring money into your life in abundance with this powerful subliminal messaging mp3 album!

    Become A Writer Subliminal

    The only difference between you and these successful writers is in your mind. You too can become a great writer Our album penetrates deep into your subconscious mind to eliminate any limiting beliefs or mental blockages you have and replaces them with attributes, thoughts, and beliefs inherent in all successful writers.

    This album works in 3 main ways:

    To eliminate your writers block; by clearing and stimulating your subconscious mind.

    To boost your creativity and imagination; so that you ooze with new ideas which flow freely into reality

    To totally focus you on your writing; you will be more driven, focused, and motivated than ever. You will take your writing more seriously than ever before, and will have 100 commitment to your writing. Your unconscious thoughts will be in complete alignment with your goal of becoming a writer, which means you will be much more likely to achieve success.

    If you want an instant fix without having to put in ANY effort yourself then you are in the wrong place. You will still have to sit down and write and work hard even with our help.

    Our subliminal mp3s are for people who take their writing seriously! If you want to be a professional writer, if you want to write with a passion and inspire other people through your words, if you are willing to work hard to perfect your writing style, if you will do anything possible to become a successful writer then THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU. It will give you the extra advantage you are looking for and make success much more likely!

    Stop struggling to write end your frustration today! Our subliminal mp3 album works directly with your unconscious mind to ensure you have all the necessary qualities to become a successful writer. Make mental blanks a thing of the past and achieve success in your writing!

    Learn Japanese Subliminal

    Japanese is an extremely complex language, lots of people try to learn it, but get frustrated and give up. If you are reading this page, then perhaps you need some extra help?

    Learning Japanese doesnt have to be so complicated! Our subliminal mp3 is designed to help you acquire the Japanese language naturally. Here is how it will help:

    Improve your memory & recall, retention of information, writing, reading, and understanding of the Japanese language.

    Improve your ability to speak Japanese by developing your pronunciation skills quicker.

    Speed up the process of learning the Japanese language.

    Develop the neural pathways which are used when learning Japanese.

    Some people may seem natural at acquiring new languages, however this is only because they have had more exposure to foreign languages whilst growing up, which means that learning a new language is easier and more natural to them. This album reprograms your brain to work in the same way as these naturals.

    Unlike other how to learn Japenese dvd products our album features no repeat after me type tuition. It simply stimulates the area of the brain responsible for language acquisition, so while you will not hear any voices, the subliminal messages go straight to your mind to improve your ability to learn Japanese.

    It engages the left hemisphere of your brain, which is the area of your brain utilised when learning languages, and over time this will rewire your brain so that you will be able to learn Japanese much easier.

    Dont struggle to learn Japanese, gain the advantage with this subliminal mp3 album! Save your time, and develop your ability to learn Japanese much faster than normal!

    Induce Lucid Dreaming Subliminal

    Lucid Dreaming is the phenomenon where you become conscious during a dream and gain the ability to control the dreams events. Anyone can learn to lucid dream, it is mostly a process of learning to become aware during your dream, to know that you are dreaming and acknowledge that you can therefore do whatever you wish.

    Have you heard about lucid dreaming and want to give it a try for yourself? Or perhaps you have had some sort of lucid dream previously, but can not seem to repeat it? You can use the power of this subliminal mp3 album to boost your ability to have lucid dreams, here is how it works:

    Boost your ability to become conscious during your dreams.
    Increase your ability to control and manipulate your dreams exactly as you wish.
    Learn to lucid dream without waking up prematurely.
    Learn to extend your lucid dreams by increasing your consciousness for prolonged periods of time.
    Learn this skill naturally i.e. without taking supplements to have lucid dreams (which can have negative side effects!)

    Lucid dreaming can be learnt by telling yourself (as you lie in bed and are falling asleep) that you will be dreaming soon,and you will have the power to control it. This method is simple, but it can take a long time to fully work repeating this to yourself night after night for weeks or even months! The aim of this album is to align your subconscious mind with your goal of lucid dreaming too. With both your conscious and unconscious minds working towards the same goal you will achieve the result much faster than normal!

    Do not leave lucid dreaming to chance, increase your chance of having a lucid dream with the help of this mind penetrating subliminal mp3 one of the few natural ways to induce lucid dreaming .

    Anger Management

    Control your anger, and live your live happier, and anger free with our life changing subliminal mp3 album!

    Anger is often a normal human response for all of us, however if you are reading this page then perhaps you get angry more often? Your anger could be a problem, see if you can identify yourself in the following circumstances:

    Do you have the tendency to get angry about a range of different things? Even small issues?
    Do you bottle up your feelings and emotions, then eventually just EXPLODE?
    Do you often shout and get angry and friends, family and loved ones?
    Do you suffer from uncontrollable road rage?
    Do you ever get angry at work; experiencing anger in dealing with difficult customers?
    Do you want to remain calm, and composed even when something / someone irritates you?
    Perhaps you feel that you cant change? That you have reached a dead end? Or you just dont know where to turn? Dont give up; you do not have to live the rest of your life like this! If you can relate to any of the above scenarios then you can use the power of this subliminal anger management soundtrack to resolve these problems and negative anger issues in your life. Heres how this album will help you:

    Re Program yourself to manage your anger using life changing subliminal audio album featuring powerful nlp and subliminal positive affirmations.
    Subliminally learn how to control sudden anger when you are put in a situation where you would normally get angry.
    Develop inbuilt anger control techniques to balance your mind and learn to control your emotions.
    Lift your mental state remove the negativity, and bad thoughts and let in positive thoughts and emotions that will lead to your development.
    Calm your road rage by reprogramming yourself not to react to every small issue.
    Train your mind not to react negatively to your external environment.

    Break From the Past

    Break free from your past, leave behind the bad memories behind and start a new future today with our LIFE CHANGING subliminal mp3 album!

    Is your past filled with bad memories, rejection, and disappointments?
    Do you still wear the emotional scars from your past?
    Do you worry about your future because of the negative events that have already happened to you?
    Perhaps you have been bullied and can not seem to move on?
    Are you worried about showing your feelings and emotions, and tend to keep things bottled up?
    No matter what traumatic events have happened to you in the past they need not affect your future, however if these events are lodged in your mind and you can not let them go then sadly THEY WILL!

    Help is here for you: Our subliminal mp3 album targets the root cause of the problem: your mind to help you to break free from the past and look forward to a brighter future. Heres how this album will help you:

    Allow your mind to emotionally release negative past memories, experiences, and rejections, and move on.
    Teach your mind how to let go of self resentments.
    Bypass your inbuilt limiting beliefs and negative thoughts; allow yourself to begin to accept new positive thoughts to overcome your worries, stress, and negativity.
    Reprogram your mind to think positively about the future, and appreciate all the good things in your life.
    This album, over time it will reprogram your brain to view your past differently: from looking at your past and still feeling hurt, negative, bitter, and resentful, to being able to accept your past with a clear, and calm mind, without resentment, so you can move on with your life.

    Imagine your life in 1,3 even 5 years time... If you still have not let go of your past you will be in an even worse mental and physical situation do not let things go this far! By being able to finally accept your past you will be able to move on, and look towards a brighter future with the help of our subliminal messaging album!

    Eliminate Stress

    Reduce your stress levels and learn to naturally relax with our powerful stress relief subliminal mp3!

    Do you suffer from stress?
    Do you have a stressful job and find it hard to switch off?
    Are you wondering what to do for stress relief, and how to manage your stress more effectively?
    Long term stress can have serious effects on the body. It can result in physical and mental problems, and if not treated can lead to life threatening problems. Stress leads to:

    Tightening of the muscles, causing aches, sprains, and even arthritis.
    Stress increases acid production in the stomach and is linked to irritable bowel syndrome, and even stomach ulcers.
    Prolonged stress lowers our white blood cell count, making us more susceptible to disease and hampering our bodys ability to heal!
    Under stress our heart pumps fast and hard. Blood pressure rises, and this can lead to heart palpitations and chest pains, and heart attacks.
    It need not get this bad, stress is manageable you can beat it: regular exercise, a healthy diet, and taking time out regularly simply to relax will all aid stress relief.

    Our subliminal mp3 album is designed to combat stress: with stress beating positive affirmations which directly target your subconscious mind to help lower stress in the short term, and over the long term rewire your brain to become the sort of person who does not get stressed out no matter what the situation.

    Reprogram yourself to take whatever life throws at you without panicking or getting stressed, and help ensure you keep your good health. This album will help you to:

    Handle stressful situations better, without panicking
    Train your mind not to feel as much tension in stressful situations.
    Learn to work and thrive under pressure.
    Experience instant stress relief by using the album as and when you need it.
    Reprogram your brain to become the sort of person who naturally handles stress, and does not worry not matter what the situation
    Stress causes more health problems that any other factor. If you do not reduce your stress levels and learn to relax then your stress will only increase , and you may suffer from any number of health problems.

    Use our powerful, natural stress relief subliminal mp3 album. Use it both for instant stress relief when you are feeling under pressure, or worried, but also use it to make long term changes to your brain to stop you from getting stressed as much in the future.

    Law of Attraction

    Fully utilize the keys to living the laws of attraction to maximise your manifestation results with the aid of this mind enhancing subliminal mp3 album!

    The law of attraction was recently popularized by the book and DVD The Secret. The Law of Attraction states that people experience physical and mental manifestations that correspond to their most frequent and powerful thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that people therefore have direct control over their life circumstances and reality through thought alone. i.e. you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your experience.

    People have used the law of attraction to attract money, power, friends, relationships, sexual partners, and dramatic changes in life circumstances. Whether you choose to focus on using the Law of Attraction to attract a woman, or make your business succeed, anything is possible if you can consistently use the power of your mind to attract your wish into your life!

    Perhaps you have you heard of the law of attraction or The Secret but dont know exactly how to get started, or how to make it work for you?

    This powerful subliminal album works by making your subconscious mind aware and alert to the law of attraction too so not only are your conscious thoughts, actions, and behaviors all working towards your goals with the law of attraction, but you subconscious mind is focused on achieving the law of attraction too boosting the energy you are directing to manifest your wishes and maximising the returns!

    Heres how this album will change your life, it will:

    Reprogram your mind to follow your desires and learn how to use the law of attraction.
    Align your unconscious mind with your specific wants from the law of attraction.
    Remove any mental barriers to your success and keep negative energy / thoughts away.
    Reprogram your mind into a positive state.
    Focus your mind into a strong state of belief belief that you will make the law of attraction work for you and achieve your dreams.
    Subliminally charge yourself into an optimum permanent state of motivation to achieve your desires in line with the law of attraction.
    If you have been trying to use the law of attraction to bring your dreams into reality without any result then our subliminal mp3s will help you; it will bring the infinate power of your unconscious mind to your manifesting efforts to make you MUCH MORE likely to achieve your intended results!

    If you really want to create physical results with the law of attraction you NEED to have your unconscious mind behind you 100! Our subliminal messaging mp3s will turbo boost your ability to manifest. You will have the three necessary ingredients for success with the law of attraction; conscious thought, physical actions, and SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts. You will experience manifestations sooner, and in MUCH GREATER ABUNDANCE!

    Change your life TODAY! Use our album to gain maximum results from the law of attraction and start living your dreams!

    Money Beliefs Change Your Beliefs About Money

    Change your beliefs about money and start making the money you really deserve with this life changing subliminal messaging album.

    Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck?
    Do you struggle to see where any large amount of money would come from?
    Have you never had a lucky break with money?
    Do you really want to make a change in your life to start earning more money and to bring more money into your life.
    You might not realize it, but the problem lies within your mind. If you can relate to the questions above then this is the case you view getting money as lucky, whereas the rich, successful, and wealthy view it as normal, as their right, that they are entitled to and deserve to make large amounts of money.

    This subliminal album works to re program your beliefs about money. To give you the same sort of beliefs as those people who make good money, but more importantly those who were bought up believing that they were entitled be rich and wealthy, who view money as a positive thing, and who fully believe they deserve money.

    This album will change your beliefs about money in several ways, you will:

    Really feel like you deserve money, and are truly entitled to be rich, wealthy, and financially comfortable.
    Believe in yourself and that you can make money, that you are fully capable of making vastly more money than you currently do, and that there is nothing which can hold you back.
    Set your sights higher; instead of wanting enough money to live on, or asking for a little more you will set your targets higher.. much higher to become rich, financially secure, and to make more money than ever before.
    Focus on money; you will find yourself thinking about how to save it, how to make more, and always be on the look out for new opportunities and chances to make money.
    Start to see money as a positive thing; as something which will bring you good, improve your life, and open up more opportunities to you.
    Lose any hidden resentments surrounding money, or towards wealthy people. These resentments and jealous tendencies only hold you back and ultimately stop you from making money.

    These are the sorts of beliefs which are held by the rich, by people who make a lot more money than the average wage, who have multiple streams of revenue, who are always looking for ways to make money, and have always had plenty. When you too hold these powerful beliefs relating to money you too will acquire more wealth than with your old limiting, or even negative beliefs about money.

    stop worrying

    Rewire your mind to stop worrying and start living your life the way you really want to with our powerful subliminal messages.

    Do you constantly find yourself worrying?
    Do you worry about even the little things you shouldnt?
    Does your worrying stop you enjoying things you should?
    Worrying is a natural survival instinct. We all worry from time to time, and it is healthy. It helps us consider risks, think about the consequences of our actions, and plan against the worst happening.

    However it can get out of hand, you can develop a worrying compulsion and it can really hold you back in life. It might start small, and before you know it worrying becomes your natural instinct you worry about what people will think, about the worst case scenario happening, even seeing the negatives in a truly positive situation.

    This worrying will stop you from enjoying life, it will also cause you stress, and anxiety, and become a self fulfilling prophecy in that your worries will come true; which will lead to yet more worry a vicious circle.

    Use our album to help you break free from this cycle. Let your worries naturally melt away, stop obsessive over them and start looking at the positive in a situation.

    Our subliminal messages will penetrate your mind to help in several ways, they will:

    Help you to relax, calm your mind, and de stress.
    Stop you from getting carried away with your worries and help you to think rationally and logically.
    Rewire your mind so instead of seeing the negative in a new situation you focus on the positives instead.
    This album will ultimately instill in you an easy going attitude implanting the personality traits of someone who naturally deals with anything life throws at them.

    Let go of your worries and start enjoying life today with this subliminal messaging album!

    think Yourself Thin

    Visualize your future slim, fit and healthy body and become that person think yourself thin with the help of this groundbreaking subliminal audio album!

    Everything starts in your mind as an idea, an image, or a dream. The difference between success and failure is often set by this early spark within your mind.

    People who are successful in any pursuit will make a firm commitment to themselves to change, and create a really strong mental image in their mind; they will see a picture of themselves in their mind completing their goal and achieving success. It will be in full colour and in surround sound and they will play it over and over until it comes true.

    This is common amongst world champion Olympic athletes and entrepreneur millionaires alike, and the same is true of people who manage to lose weight and to keep it off; something clicks within their mind they think this time it is for real and they create an image of their future slim self and play it over and over again.

    Because of this different way of thinking and extra mind power they become successful, and this is the exact aim of this subliminal album. It will give your mind a workout and to help you to visualise your future slim, healthy, fit, and toned body so you will much more likely to slim down to your ideal body.

    Instead of just setting a weight loss goal and a plan of action this album will invigorate your mind so much more you will:

    Visualize yourself thinner and healthier, with a slim body at a healthy weight.
    See yourself fitting into smaller clothes, and vividly imagine how they fit your body comfortably.
    You will see yourself admiring your new body with pride and a feeling of accomplishment.
    You will visualize the praise, and positive reactions of other people towards your new healthier weight.
    When first playing this album you should notice your mind thinking more actively about your weight loss goals and future slimmer body straight away. After a short period these thoughts will stay with you and you will be more focused than ever on losing weight and much more likely to successfully slim down into your ideal body.

    Remember, whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve, and with the help of this album you will create a strong image of your future thin and healthy self and drive yourself towards it with this unique subliminal audio album you really can gain an advantage and think yourself thin!

    Visualization Ability

    Improve your visualization ability and enhance the power of your mind and your life with our subliminal messages.

    Do you struggle to visualize?
    Do you get easily bored or distracted?
    Are your visualizations blurred, or faded, or lacking in detail?
    Do you read about the power of visualization but just cant seem to do it yourself?
    Visualization can be an amazingly powerful tool. It can help you to create an image of your future for you to work towards and help you to reach your goals. When done properly visualization tricks the mind into thinking it is for real. This way the change is not so difficult to achieve for real as in your mind you have already been there.

    Visualization is commonly used by athletes and sports stars aiming for excellence, people in business aiming for success, it is used a lot in personal development circles to focus people on and help them reach their goal quicker, and it can even be used for health to imagine illness leaving the body and speed up recovery.

    However, because we are all different in the way we think, visualization can be harder for some than it is for others. Some people naturally think and process information in a visual way and for these people it is easy and natural. If you are reading this then this is perhaps not you. If not then this album will help you. It works in a simple way to re shape the way your mind and instill in you the patterns of thinking of these people who visualize naturally. With the help of this subliminal visualization album you too will be able to:

    Create realistic, full colour, surround sound, moving visualizations.
    Gain an advantage and a boost mentally to reach your goals.
    Visualize effortlessly and naturally.
    Stay focused while visualizing and actually enjoy visualizing.
    Visualize to a high level of detail.
    With an improved ability to visualize you can gain more power for your manifestation and attraction efforts, reach your personal development goals quicker and easier, improve your health, energize your mind and improve your ability to focus and get things done. You can achieve whatever you can imagine, so with a powerful ability to visualize the results are limitless!

    Develop your ability to visualize with the help of this album to reach your goals naturally and make sure you achieve the success you deserve in life.

    Ones that are not on the website potentially been removed so do not have info for them

    Deep Calm
    Increase Pheromone Production
    New Years Resolution
    Super Confidence

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