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    Thumbs up राग दरबारी (Raag Darbari) by श्रीलाल शुक्ल (Shrilal Shukla)

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    About श्रीलाल शुक्ल (Shrilal Shukla)

    Shrilal Shukla (श्रीलाल शुक्*ल) (born December 31, 1925, Uttar Pradesh) is a Hindi writer, notable for his satire. He worked as a Provincial Civil Services (PCS) officer for the state government of Uttar Pradesh. He has written over 21 books, including, "Umraonagar men Kuchh Din" and "Suni Ghati ka Suraj".
    Shukla has highlighted the falling moral values in the Indian society in the post independence era through his novels. His writings expose the negative aspects of life in the rural and urban India in a satirical manner. His best known work Raag Darbari has been translated into English. A soap opera based on this continued for several months the national TV network in 1980s.

    Shukla received the Sahitya Academy Award, the highest Indian literary award, for his novel Raag Darbari in 1969. He received the Vyas Sammanaward in 1999 for the novel "Bisrampur ka Sant" , and in 2008, he received the Padma Bhushan.

    About राग दरबारी (Raag Darbari)

    Shivpalganj is a typical village somewhere in Uttar-Pradesh, India inhabited by ordinary people with their village-level squabbles and intrigues. In a rambling documentary style the novelist scans this obscure landscape. As the novel grows the characters also grow into recognizable social and political types. It is their uncanny, and sometimes deliberately mischievous, resemblance to an average Indian leader - with his unscrupulous ways playing havoc with Indian life and morals - which the author satirizes. His deep human concern, a keen sense of humour and irony, are marked by subtle craftsmanship. It is the careful juxtaposition of the real and the typical, regional and the universal, which gives to this novel its special authenticity and punch. The environment in Raag Darbari is important it has a certain stub*bornness of character which does not change, nor does it change anything, and as a vast human drama unfolds itself against a dusty rural backdrop, certain important points emerge both as comments and as observations. Ironically it is the pathetic heroism of martyrs like Langar, fighting for justice and fairness, who painfully remind us of what is seriously at stake in our national and personal characters.
    Raag Darbari remains one of those landmarks which has raised satirical fiction in Hindi to classical stature

    Rar PDF, 19.17 MB, (Hindi)




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