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    Default Puzzles 101: A Puzzlemaster's Challenge

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    Puzzles 101: A Puzzlemaster's Challenge

    You can see why the author is so highly regarded as a puzzle maker

    Nob Yoshigahara is an internationally known puzzle master and from the 101 puzzles in this book, it is easy to see why he is so highly regarded. Most of the staple genres appear somewhere in the book. Some of those forms are:

    *) What is the next number in the sequence?
    *) Given a figure made from objects, move a small number to create a different figure.
    *) Given a figure, cut it into pieces and rearrange them into another figure.
    *) Place numbers into positions in a figure so that arithmetic combinations match a specific pattern.
    *) Rearrange numbers so that a pattern forms.

    Solutions to all of the puzzles are in a separate section after the puzzles and this will reduce your aggravation, although you should try very hard before you peek at the solution.
    I found approximately 20 of the puzzles to be solvable within a minute or two. If you approach them the right way, the solution is obvious. I was able to solve another 20 after several minutes, generally after thinking for a while, putting it away and then coming back to it. Of the remaining sixty, there are about 20 that I don't think I would have ever solved, although the solution in the back of the book was easy to follow. Many of these were dissection problems, which I always seem to have trouble with.
    For some of the problems, I don't see how you could solve them without making the appropriate manipulatives, and the author hints when that is the case. Fortunately, they are all quite simple, a few coins or pieces of paper generally suffice. If you like to stimulate your brain cells by solving puzzles, then this book is one you must examine.
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